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Is It Possible to Insert A Picture into a Yahoo Mail Signature?

Apr 12, 2018

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Using Yahoo mail signature feature is all about giving your identity to the recipient to make him/her know about the business as well as a designation. Yahoo mail signature cannot be restricted to a single person as it appends to all outgoing emails once the feature gets enabled.


You can make use of fancy text formatting tools to make the text in the signature column look more attractive. But one truth which everyone should know that adding images is not possible in the email signature. The only thing that can be done is inserting pictures manually in every message

you sent to the known ones or official clients. This sometimes looks frustrating as users sometimes forget as they are not habitual to do so.


In case, you want to use the picture in the email signature that shows up each time whenever the emails are sent, then there is a different procedure to get it done in a feasible way. But don’t forget, there is no provision to insert an image in the Yahoo mail signature section


Steps to Add An Image in Yahoo Mail Signature on a Permanent Basis.


  • Open Yahoo mail and click on the gear icon seen next to your name at the topmost right corner.                        

  • Click on settings doing which a medium size dialogue box opens in which there are certain tabs seen on its left side.                                                                                                                                                               

  • Go to ‘Accounts’ tab and click on the Yahoo Icon with your email address reflecting below.                                              

  • A new slide is displayed in which you’re asked to tick on the option “Append the signature to the email you send” that is aligned with the heading signature.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

  • Just copy the image of your choice and paste it in the signature section. Click on save button to make changes effective.


Other Method


In case, you’re not able to upload the image is the only option left then upload the desired image on the website so that it’s accessible through the web browser. You can get it done through website “imgur”. Once done, you can crop the image to the small size and then paste the same in the signature section.


At times problem occur that does not allow users to make any changes in yahoo mail signature section. Right from server downtime to login problems to email account hacking, anything that happens all of the sudden obstructs all kind of necessary activities. With the absence of Yahoo live chat service or phone support, users are not able to get much necessary help.


However, various organizations are also available; who offer necessary tech support services to fix comprehensive issues at the earliest as well as help users in adding the image in the yahoo mail signature section in quick time. 

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