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Hi, I am Frank Michael and provided always technology related services. If any user-facing problem then take some suggestion from customer care executive.

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Is AVG Antivirus good Enough for Android or PC?

Jul 04, 2018

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AVG antivirus is a complete security package for all your devices such as Android phones or personal computers. It protects your device from all the possible threats and removes viruses or malicious programs from your device. It scans your device for spyware, Trojans, malware, ransomware and removes them completely.

Some of the features of AVG antivirus for PC:

  • This antivirus software protects your important documents and files stored on your PC with a password.

  • It keeps all your precious information private so that the hackers cannot reach them.

  • It protects your identity from spyware and restricts their access to your personal information.

  • It provides a shield to your emails and does not let any spam email attack them.

  • It scans your PC for performance issues and also boosts the performance.

  • It scans web pages for any malicious content and blocks them before loading.

  • It also scans all the USB or any DVD for viruses and removes the threat before connecting them to the system.

For Android phones:

  • AVG scans all your installed apps on your android and checks your security settings for any unsafe settings. It can also scan your device’s external storage.

  • It provides the data stored on your mobile protection from hackers and in case if your device gets lost, it can remotely lock your device as well as let you locate the device via GPS.

  • It restricts the entry of any other person to the selected apps and secures them with a password.

  • It lets you experience a safer online shopping while browsing the internet.

  • It enables privacy settings while using social networking sites.

Due to frequent virus attacks, it is very important to secure your data with an antivirus software and with all these features, AVG is considered a good option for both the Android as well as PC users. However, confusions can arise while using AVG related to its functioning, installation, configuration etc.

If you have any doubts regarding AVG Antivirus, you can take our AVG Technical Support and get them all cleared. We can provide you with thorough information about AVG Antivirus and the ways in which you can utilize it in the best manner. All the features will be explained to you briefly by our technical support members and then you can decide whether it suits your requirements or not.

Our AVG Phone Number is the helpline where our technical experts are available to help you make decisions regarding AVG Antivirus as they have complete knowledge about the pros and cons as well as their compatibility with different devices. They can guide you about the latest versions and the new updated features. It can be very confusing whether to select AVG or not but we are here to help you take a decision.