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Planning To Host A Minecraft Game Online? Here’s What You Need To Know Firs

Jul 23, 2018

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If you are planning to host an online gaming website that for games like Minecraft and the likes, it is essential to buy the best servers space for the same. The types of server hosting you choose can either make or break your entire gaming experience online. A lot of coders and gamers know the in and outs of the game, but little do they know how they entire server space works. For this, you will need to get in touch with a reputed game server provider such as Minecraft hosting providers and similar ones. These types of organizations and agencies will have the right teams and knowledge for creating the right type of server space for you so that your game runs smoothly online.

If there’s one thing that online gamers hate more than the entire game crashing at once, is the lag. Game lags are generally due to the server being congested with too many people online that can slow down the entire server. This causes the game to get stuck at every few minutes while the gaming is in progress. This is called ‘Lag’. In order to improve the downtime and also the efficiency and smoothness of the game, you will require heavy-duty Minecraft hosts that can provide you with the server space as well as the adequate processor power for the game.

When you look for Minecraft servers, look for the ones that are secure and that allow you to setup firewall. You would also need a feature called ‘hardened servers’ which enables you to operate in a safe environment and also keeps all your coding and information safe from hackers. The server host needs to have a minimum of 99% uptime else it is considered unreliable to use. A brand like Bisect Hosting has excellent uptime for you to host your games in a secure and reliable environment. Apart from, the number of mods attached to the server also shows the efficiency and effectivity of the server. For example, if you connect a lot of different Mods to the hosting server, then your RAM will climb up very quick with each player that is connected to the gaming server.

The server should also have SSDs with an excellent SSD architecture to improve the gaming experience for the users. If you are hosting on a LINUX server, you will need a minimum of 5GB of RAM for a gaming experience that requires 3-5 players that are using a GUI. If you have 5-8 players that are gaming on a console, you will need 3GB Ram.

This way, you can get the best server for your gaming website so that you and the users coming to your website enjoy the best gaming experience online!

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