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hen you ought to dial MS Phone Number 1-888-326-7644 to get the solution anytime.describe yourself, how you feel or what you are doing right now

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Solve All Technical Problem in Office Application with the MS Office Help

Aug 01, 2018

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MS word is the vastly used utility offered by the giant Microsoft. But while using MS word user often face difficulties which prevents them from accessing, creating or editing documents using MS word. So in this piece of writing, you will be introduced with the common errors related to Word and their respective solution.

There is a solution which you can try one by one to deal with the almost every technical glitch:

  1. Problem while starting Word:

Solution: Insert the data into another file

Transfer the data stored in the document to another file:

  • Go to File menu, click New and then Blank document.

  • Now in the Insert tab, go to Object and then Text, Text from the file.

  • Open and insert the desired files by clicking Insert.


  1. Problem: Crashing or Freezing:

Solution: Use /a switch

To avoid such issues, you can simply switch to the other file, this can stop the automatic appearance of global templates, and fix the settings. In order to switch the file, follow the steps:

  • Use the search box and type Run.

  • In the prompted Run dialog box, type winword/a, and hit Enter.

If you unable to use /a switch, dial Microsoft Customer Service Number for guidance and support of technicians.


  1. Problem: Unable to access stored data:

Solution: Delete the word Data registry:


If you are stuck to a point where you are unable to access the stored files, deleting Word data subkey can help you. This can be done while restarting your word document.


After deleting the registry subkey, the setting will be restored to default ones and thus it retains the original functionality of your document.


This is how you can delete the Word Data registry subkey:


  • Close all the office programs.

  • In the search box, type “regedit” and hit Enter.

  • To locate the registry subkeys use the respective version;

  • Word 2016

    Word 2013

    Word 2010

    Word 2007

    Word 2003


  • On the File menu, click Data and then Export.

  • Use Wddata.reg as the name of the file and save it on the desktop.

  • Open the Edit menu and click Delete,

  • Confirm your action by clicking on Yes,

  • Close Registry Editor.

  • Restart word.

If you are not able to get rid of those annoying issues with MS word, simply dial the Microosft Office Technical Support Number for the immediate help from the techies.