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Smoking Vs e-Cigerrates

Aug 04, 2018

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Smoking tobacco products is a big problem for many people all over the world. People are so much addicted to the habit of smoking that they find it difficult to quit it despite knowing its side-effects on our health. Since the last decade, the concept of an e-cigarette has been introduced. This is just considered as a replacement for smoking tobacco products. All it requires is a kit with a rechargeable battery to hold material. The use of “e-cigarettes” is sometimes called “vaping”. Well, there is a huge debate on whether e-cigarette is better than a normal cigarette or not. You can visit for best quality electronic e-cigerrates.

If we talk about the poisonous elements in the cigarette, then there is a slight difference between the two on this basis. While a normal cigarette contains many poisonous cancer-causing chemicals, it is not the case with an e-cigarette. Since the latter does not involve the combustion process, so it contains less number of poisonous chemicals. So, an important question arises here, “Is e-cigarette safe for our health?”. Well, a lot of researches are going on this topic at the present time. 

To make this point clear, we must tell you that e-cigarette aerosol is not completely free from harmful chemicals. There are a number of poisonous elements such as lead, nicotine, and other cancer-causing agents in it. Although it is true that e-cigarette contains comparatively less number of harmful chemicals in it to a smoke cigarette, still it is not a safe option for a person to use as a replacement for a normal smoking. Vapehobby presents some quality Dr. Dabber parts online with discounted prices.

A smoke cigarette is mostly popular among adult smokers while an e-cigarette is commonly used by youth. Mostly, high school and college going students use e-cigarette as a means to satisfy their craving for nicotine. Well, it is said that e-cigarette has health benefits for humans, it is not a proven fact. Many studies are going on this topic in which scientists, researchers have not reached a final conclusion. Since it contains nicotine as well as an aerosol, which are both injurious to our health, so it is not feasible to say that e-cigarette is completely safe to use as a replacement for a smoke cigarette.

When it comes to safety to use both the items, then one should note that a normal cigarette is simple to use but an e-cigarette is a little complicated to use. An e-cigarette has a battery which needs to be charged at a regular interval of time. And sometimes, a fatal accident takes place due to a defect in the kit. Also, while charging, an explosion can take place which can lead to mass destruction. Exploding batteries is one of the reasons which is creating a hindrance in the usage of e-cigarettes by people.

Now, if we compare the two things on the basis of their cost, then we will find that an e-cigarette seems costly as compared to a normal cigarette. In reality, the case is simply the opposite. The initial cost in the usage of an e-cigarette is more but after that, it is relatively cheaper stuff to use in comparison to a normal cigarette.

So, these were some of the areas in which we have compared the two different types of cigarettes. In the future, there will be a growing demand for e-cigarettes and lot of which depends on the outcome of the study of its health benefits in the long-term.