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Manan Ghadawala founded 21Twelve Interactive, one of the leading mobile app development company in India, USA. His visionary leadership and flamboyant management style have yield fruitful results for the company.

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How will eCommerce mobile app rule the business markets in upcoming years?

Sep 04, 2018

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Mobile eCommerce, also well-known as mCommerce isn’t a new word. The word was first thrown by Kevin Duffey in 1997 and from the time when then has developed an admirable space in the tech world. These days, being mobile-friendly isn’t only a technological incorporation but has converted as a need for each online business.

As per to a statement, the mobile search traffic of Google is screaming 97%. Fine, this isn’t all, the similar report also reveals that websites that open in less than 7% on mobile, have reasonably longer terms.


What’s driving the force?

About four years before Alibaba got listed on the New York Stock Exchange at the worth of $231 Billion (As stated by the Guardian). It was this time that enticed international stockholders and businesspersons in the direction of the online retail industry.

On the other hand, not each of them obtained the outcomes with the similar principle. Certainly, the reasons behind might have been dissimilar but the main cause perceived was, absence of flexibility and receptiveness.


Go Mobile:

After thoroughly investigating the market inclinations and learning about policies followed by large industries, we can speak that behind the growing acceptance of mobile commerce is the viability and ease of conveying information. Above and beyond these two, we have also remarked state-of-the-art presences building space in the domain of mCommerce.

To ensure that you grasp your fix objectives and exceed your entrants, we have here listed few trends will be crucial the prospect of mobile eCommerce. Let’s begin:


Development of Amplified Reality:

As deliberated recently that mobility can be well-thought-out as an alternative word for development whilst discussing about mobile commerce. With the help of Augmented Reality got recognized after the takeoff of AR mobile game PokemonGo, we trust that there is many more in AR yet to be discovered.

The similar can be perceived in the latest statements, where renowned brands such as Amikasa and Sephora have revealed their concentration in assimilating Augmented Reality into their mobile commerce platform. Seeing at this massive preference, smartphone Top Ecommerce magento development Service and ample app developers have initiated to fetch state-of-the-art ideas and ideas to make use of AR in distinct businesses.


Smarter Mobile Messengers and Chatbots:

If you are set to mobile e-commerce updates, you’ll perhaps be alert of some of the new inhabitants such as H&M, Starbucks, and Nordstrom, who combined chatbots to their mobile platform. The technology allows you to communicate and solve inquiries of your customers on an instantaneous basis.

In recent times e-marketer 2’1’shown that 54.4 % of social media users prefer using messenger applications to|2-line business. Next example of technology assisting purchasers to shop can be Amazon Echo, Alexa which has certainly made a flawless space in the hearts of the worldwide audience.



Perhaps we are discussing the most significant alter technology has conveyed in our lives. The stage ‘time’s money’ looks to have made a profound space in today’s domain. With the support of automation tools, one can produce reliability programs, cumulative product reviews, and more.

If for once we keep the huge list sideways and talk only about social media marketing and email marketing campaigns, automation has certainly gathered businesses with improved engagement and enhanced conversions.


Fraud Prevention and Detection:

Fine, this may be at the next final on our list; however, is a growing problem not only amongst users but also the online businesspersons. We all have perceived the influence of IoT on levitation safety problems. Certainly, there has been marvelous changes incorporated, however it is wondered that the coming years will notice unparalleled involvement of technology in maintaining user data and other significant information and transactions.

Likewise, we would be observing a hike in one tap payment technology. However, at present, this is a type of control for Amazon, thank you to Apple and Google that are now climbing over the solution.


Quicker Delivery:

We can’t reject that people choose mobile commerce for its immediate answer. Instead of similar, fast delivery will be the next important trend in upcoming years. You may have heard about the overview of buzz shipping. It is guessed that the similar will shortly replace (partially if not completely) the traditional shipping ways.

Professionals are working on the technology to create it more cost-effective for both the consumer and the retailer. Likewise, they are looking for methods to make it more effective. Having said this, you absolutely will have to try to find more procedures to offer products to their end users fast and secure.

Our mobile app development professionals keep it up-to-date with new technology trends and the upcoming novelties. This assists us to create more adapted and state-of-the-art solutions for our customers, ultimately making them exceed the market obstacles.

Specialists at Intelivita steadfastly trust that to maintain in this ultra-competitive mobile commerce market, revolution is strategic to surpass ahead of your competitors and make an unbeatable space in the cores of your target consumers.

With above 180 billion mobile applications downloaded to date, mobile app development is certainly one of the fastest increasing sectors. Within 8 years mobile apps have become an essential part of our day to day life and the ultra-modern business domain. From basic advantages to major business chores, the idea “There is a great app for that” has headed the mobile app industry to develop massively.

These days’ companies such as Uber and Venmo wrap their concepts everywhere a mobile app for content and bespoke experiences. If forecasts are to be supposed, apps may soon replace websites and entirely take over the market.

Consequently, seemingly, mobile apps will remain to influence businesses for branding, increasing consumer engagement, direct marketing, and many more.

Below are some of the topmost mobile app development trends that build mobile apps as comprehensible as possible all over the world:


1. Cross-Platform Development

For fast app development requirements, cross-platform is one of the top methods. Best app development companies pay attention to cross-platform development to bring the top of mobile features to life.

Some of the benefits of H ybrid App Development are App Integration, User experience, Cost Effective, Maintenance, Offline Support, Easy Scaling, More Resources, Speed And Availability, and lots more.


2. Chatbot Equipped Mobile App

Chatbots growth started in early 2016 and within just less than a year it has become the most popular feature to incorporate into chat apps.

In the world of socialization, people are using chat apps more than any social media platforms. Easy blueprint and competency to communicate immediately with loved ones are a few benefits of assimilating chatbots within mobile apps.

There are many app development companies choose to integrate chatbots in order to construct robust business visions for clients. Companies from various industries have by now made their Chatbots available on Messenger like CNN News Chatbot, Hyatt etc.


3. IoT Applications

As per to a report by Gartner, there will be around 26 billion associated devices by 2020 which comprises home applications, Smartwatches, Health monitors, Fitness trackers, and many more. With increasing numbers of connected devices, the Internet of things is next fastest increasing technology that has been impelling almost every domain.

Following the most influential idea to link everything to the internet, hulks such as Google and Apple have also exposed their intense interest to comprise IoT in their mobile app development system.

Nest cultivates smart home products- smoke alarm, camera, and thermostat, whereas Brillo supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy, and other Android things with the help of IoT operating system. In recent times hurled Apple’s ‘Homekit’ lets the user have great control of the household applications.


4. Android Instant Apps

One of the most remarkable exposés at Google I/O developer conference last year was Android Instant Apps that allows you experience attractive and immersive apps, with material design and charming animations, without installing them on your device.

Create on Google Play services Android app adds numerous advantages —such as location, identity, payments, and Firebase which boasts a smooth and flawless user experience.


5. Location-Based Services

Location-based apps have initiated terminating as a requirement for our society. User location information lets having vital data that leads to benefit wonderful mobile features. Location sensing is handy in Geo-tagging, Games, Vehicle Navigation, and Fitness Apps etc.

Exact indoor location detecting, pooled with mobile applications, will allow an innovative generation of exceptionally adapted services and information.


6. Cloud Computing Apps

For apps that demand massive storage space, cloud computing is one of the essential components to incorporate while creating apps with heavy visuals and functions. They are quick, fast, can be designed without any constraint and most of all they are safe. Most of the top app development companies offer cloud as SaaS.


7. AR and VR

AR and VR hold are very exclusive place in the gaming world. After the universal achievement of Pokemon Go, Augmented Reality has earned massive popularity all over domains.

Most of the topmost app development firms have been incorporating AR and VR all over several industries such as e-commerce, infrastructure, gaming, sports, and fitness. Growing make use of the technology has consistently directed to the formation of some thought-provoking ideas with amazing user response.


8. Mobile Security Apps

With smartphones becoming more significant to us and our need for them augments for accessing some of the most intimate data, mobile security plays a very crucial role.

As a gap of data privacy can lead any company into a huge loss, demand for mobile security apps will exceptionally rise across domains in upcoming years. Top app development companies firmly pay attention to retaining the security and privacy of app data.


9. Mobile E-commerce

Consumers’ trend toward online shopping has directed marketing approach to outline perfect user experience through all-inclusive shopping apps. Shopping apps let users to easily able to log in, save items for advanced, connect with friends, and invite friends to benefit discounts and more. In the upcoming period mobile e-commerce will be in high demand as user dependence over online shopping looks to develop fast.

Various brands such as Amazon, eBay, Wall Mart have previously the significance of mobile apps and offer easy access to services with the help of Apps for just about every device.


The need for mobile app development companies:

As innovative technologies come around the vanguard, mobile apps and devices will develop to function together with them to enhance productivity and augment the user experience. However this occurs, the need for mobile app development firms will become more obvious for a few several reasons.

The most imperative of which being that in-house designers will no extended have the experience and proficiency essential to complete these assignments on time.

On the other hand, by opting to outsource app development, businesses can move forward of the turn and work with a professional team that distinguishes precisely how to come across their requirements. A few years back, when app development was easier, a single developer might obtain by on their own. But at this time that technology is progressing at an even very quickest way, mobile app development firms are one of the few methods to build software fast enough to continue with the market.


The future of mobile app development companies:

To this point, we have studied how mobile app development companies can help businesses to stay beside with cutting-edge technologies, but before we start we also wanted to point out mobile app development businesses themselves. It will be our work to move forward with the trends of the time and build the tools that will be utilized to design new software and technologies.

On condition that it is better to Hire Dedicated Woocommerce development company that able to continue to delay their end of the bargain and businesses understand the requirement for said companies to attain their objectives, the future will remain to look cheerful. However, it is up to us to go that future into realism.

Hopefully, the entire above information about mobile app development trends will assist you and your business to comprehend state-of-the-art trends as the future is not only seamless for businesspersons but also for those who boost their skills to bring wonderful app ideas to life.