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Important love advice

Sep 11, 2018

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Love keeps no record of wrongs.

This means truly forgiving and doing your best to forget anything your spouse may have done to hurt you. Easier said than done especially if you have had to endure physical, emotional, sexual or verbal abuse or even marital unfaithfulness but it is possible.

I have seen many instances where couples have overcome such obstacles and have been able to forgive and move on with their lives, in most cases those obstacles actually lead to a stronger relationship between the couple.

It will take the spouse that has messed up to really show that they are truly sorry for the pain and hurt they’ve caused. Even if your spouse hurts you and shows no remorse, it’s still advisable to forgive and forget – so that you can personally heal from the pain and not carry around the bitterness which can become toxic and even begin to damage your physical health and sanity.

However where your spouse has repented and apologised to you and is making a serious effort to change and rectify their wrong doings then please find it within yourself to forgive them and don’t hold their past mistakes against them, don’t allow past mistakes to affect your future.

Don’t let their mistakes hold both you and your spouse captive. Love keeps no record of wrongs.

Love always protects.

I especially want people enduring abusive relationships either as the victim or the inflicter to make a note of this point. Your responsibility is to protect your spouse. Your goal should be to create a safe, fun and happy atmosphere for your spouse in your home.

Your spouse should feel that the safest place for them in this world is in your arms. Unfortunately many have turned their arms into weapons that they use to abuse their spouse instead of a place their spouse can run to for comfort and protection.

How can you say you love me then turn around and use me as a punching bag, how can you say you love me when you force me to sleep with you against my own wish. Love doesn’t hurt or abuse, it protects

Love always trusts.

Love trusts, it isn’t suspicious without cause, it doesn’t assume the worst when there is no basis for the assumption, it doesn’t take gossip as fact.

When there is no trust in a relationship you end up frustrating the one you supposedly love. You will end up trying to monitor their every move, checking their cell phone to see who they’ve been talking to, in extreme cases it might even lead to stalking your spouse and all this might be even based on false assumptions.

Where mistrust has occurred as a result of your spouse breaking the trust maybe due to infidelity then you should first seek counseling then attempt to rebuild the trust once your spouse has proven that they can be trusted again.

Love always hopes and perseveres.

Love doesn’t give up hope, it perseveres. Even in the midst of the toughest challenges it keeps believing, it keeps believing that things will work out for the better, that every challenge will eventually be resolved, that every obstacle will be overcome, that every marital setback is a setup for a lift up. Love always hopes. It doesn’t get discouraged even when it seems that all efforts are not yielding the desired outcome. Love perseveres, it doesn’t give up

Love never fails.

True love never fails; it will eventually bring you what you desire in your relationship. If you have messed up and need your spouse to forgive you – love never fails, if you have been hurt and are scared to give your spouse a second chance – love never fails, if your marriage is going through a rocky patch, maybe the intimacy has gone, and it feels like you are more like strangers sharing a bed than a couple in love – love never fails. Love is the catalyst to revive your marriage no matter what the situation is.

Love never fails also means that you don’t fail your spouse. Don’t cheat on your spouse, don’t abusive your spouse don’t hurt your spouse. If you do any of those things then you’ve failed your spouse and true love never fails so don’t fail or wrong your spouse.

I encourage you to start implementing the Christian marriage advice you’ve discovered in this article. I encourage you to start loving your spouse the 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 way.