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satyajit das


wish you all a happy sunday.

My Prayer

oh my dearest, heavenly father, I pray for those children, who have no parents, who are orphans, please bless and love them all. i pray for those people, who grows our food, but they |more

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Aug 08, 2009

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GOD-: what is God?  --    the God is the great undying powers and immortal personalities who conciously inform, constitute, preside over the subjective and objective forces of the cosmos. the God is spiritual forms of the eternal and original deity who descend from him into the many processes of the world. multitudinous, univesal, the Gods weave out of the primary principles of being and its thousand complexities the whole web of this diversified existence of the one. all their own existence, nature, power, process, proceeds in every way, in very principle, in its every strand from the truth of the transcendent ineffable.