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Exciting activities to do in the Bangalore to Manali Trip

Nov 14, 2018

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If you are seeking a pleasant escapade that takes you away from your monotonous life in Bangalore, then you can go on a refreshing trip to the hilly areas of Manali. Manali is the adventure hub of India and a famous tourist destination which draws thousands of travelers from across the globe each year. It has abundant places that you can visit for fun, entertainment, peace, and pilgrimage as well. Here are some of the most amazing things you can do on a trip to Manali:


# River Rafting: River rafting is a challenging activity that can send a chill down your spine with every turn of the river. As you try to conquer the mighty rapids of the dancing river, you will experience an adrenaline level like never before. River Rafting also makes the honeymoon packages from Bangalore perfect, as the couples face the difficult ride together. It is also perfect for group tours with friends as you can divide into groups and race through the mighty river.


# Paragliding: Paragliding, an awesome activity in itself, becomes more amazing when you do it in Manali as the beautiful sceneries of Manali add to the thrill of Paragliding. As you take on the journey, you can enjoy a bird's eye view of Manali while flying in the deep blue sky.


# Skiing: One of the most extreme sports in the snow, skiing is made to quench the thirst of every adventure enthusiasts. Skiing in Solang Valley can be an experience of a lifetime. You can take assistance and sessions from professionals prior to skiing. It will help in making your skiing experience in Manali a lot better.


# Hiking: Hiking is totally fun as it doesn't involve any risk or difficulty. It is an exploration activity as you can entirely indulge in observing the lush green environments of the beautiful hills of Manali. The lovely landscapes also make hiking the soundest activity for photography enthusiasts and nature lovers.


# Mountain Biking: Biking is an adventurous as well as healthy activity as it requires you to paddle continuously and cover the hard terrain while enjoying the beauty of the hills. Although mountain biking remains a selectable option throughout the year, you can do it in the winter season for maximum fun.


# Zorbing: The newly introduced activity is the best thing to do in Manali in the summer season. In this activity, a person gets into a circular orb which rolls downhill, giving the person a topsy-turvy upside down experience. Moreover, the activity is entirely accident-proof as the orb is a shock observant and is designed to give sufficient air to the participant.

Thus, in your Bangalore to Manali trip, you get to experience an ample amount of fun by participating in the thrill-filled activities mentioned above.