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How to endure long days of work and stay healthy in the office?

Dec 12, 2018

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The workday, which usually lasts between eight hours or more per day, causes people to spend even more time at work than at home. For this reason, in some cases, they must consume their meals inside the offices or cafeterias of the company. Quick options and processed foods are always going to be the first alternative; however, they are not the healthiest, particularly for those who must continue working after consuming these foods, as it can affect job performance.


An inadequate diet, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, which is one of the main causes of weight and health problems at present, at work can lead to loss of efficiency and proactively of the employee, because his health begins to impact in all aspects of their life.


Keeping in mind the importance of adopting healthy habits in food and other aspects of life, experts tell how to eat healthy in the workplace and other tips to stay healthy despite long working hours.


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Feeding properly

Food is the basis for everything. When a person is fed balanced, he gets the necessary nutrients to develop his daily activities. However, if a human being is not adequately nourished, he or she may experience poor performance at an intellectual and emotional level, which ultimately affects their performance at work.


The expert points out that the food must be healthy, complete, sufficient and adequate. Complete, in which all food groups are included in the diet such as fruits, vegetables, cereals, meats, poultry, fish, legumes, eggs and dairy products. If a person has a heavy duty, he needs more calories than another, because his work is less burdensome. It is not the same food for a child, an adult, a pregnant woman, an athlete or an older adult.


Prepare at home

The ideal is that the person does not leave his house to work without breakfast. In the event that the person does not have time to have breakfast at home, the recommendation is to prepare it and take it to the office, in order to avoid eating fried on the street, which are high in fat.


For lunch, the same dynamic applies. If the person cannot get home at noon, the ideal is to prepare it in the morning or from the night before. This way you can be sure that you have good ingredients and proper preparation. "Avoid asking for a restaurant address (...) if you count, you save a lot. You can use the weekend to make your preparations at home and freeze to use during the week.


If you leave your home with your healthy snacks you are less likely to eat the first thing you find. Eating between meals maintains correct blood flow to your muscles and brain and gives you an increase in energy.


For people who work late and also have dinner in the workplace, it is advisable to prefer a salad that has some protein such as chicken, meat or tuna, instead of chips or pizza.