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Mileey bell

milleybell|United States

I'm a pixel artist who works for a small video game company, i love making video games assets, mainly spritesheets and tilesets. Hope you will like my creations in

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Which websites like123Movies?

Dec 14, 2018

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Most of the people today are into making websites or blogs. While some have their own creativity and like to create something unique, some like to follow others. These people have their ideal websites in mind, which they wish to replicate.

Out of many such websites, there are few like 123movies, , 123Netflix couchtuner, etc. which focus on showing online movies to the people. And they have become a great source of inspiration for likemind people who also wish to start their own movie business online. But is it very easy to copy them?

Well, not fully. But to some extent, it is easy to make the same website like 123movies. Here are few tips which you can follow to make your own such website.