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How To Make Heart Shaped Tea Bags

Jan 02, 2019

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Are you looking to make perfect heart shaped tea bags for your loved ones? These tea bags can be a perfect casual anytime gift for any loved one in your life. Making these Custom Tea Bags in heart shapes is not a difficult DIY project as well. When you have supplies with some basic crafting skills, this is, in fact, one of the easier DIYs you will ever get your hands on.

However, your perfect Tea Boxes need to have the right designs when you are gifting these as well. Tea Holders or boxes (whichever you prefer) should be able to get the right message across. Tea Storage Boxes for gifting purposes is a separate easy DIY project as well. You can design your custom tea boxes just the way you want.

Here’s how you can actually make heart shaped tea bags while they still have the lovely tea inside:

What You’ll Need:


First of all, get all these materials and supplies ready in order to finish your boxes accurately and without any undue delays:

  • Lose tea from your favorite tea brewer
  • Some tea bag suitable fabric materials (these are available from the market or your can make your own with thin nets that don’t dissolve in hot liquids)
  • Pair of scissors with a paper cut heart shape in small enough size for a tea bag
  • A marker to mark heart shapes on your piece of fabric material
  • You will need to work with a sewing machine to sew your tea bags up on their ends and sides accurately.
  • Some cotton string to be tied with the head of your tea bags with a piercing tool to get it done
  • Any handmade or market available custom Tea Boxes to put these bags in once everything is done and ready

How It’s Done


Follow these steps in their right order to make tea bags in a beautiful full of love heart shape:

  • First, lay down your tea bag fabric material on a flat work surface. Make sure to have the rough side facing up; this material often doesn’t have any indicators. Work with the right side up.
  • Now, get your paper cut heart shape and place it on one end of the fabric material. You should get a size estimate by moving the paper heart to all sides of your material sheet. This should tell you how many tea bags you can make, remember two pieces of heart shaped material will make one bag.

  • For a perfect finish, use your marker to make heart shapes on your fabric sheet. Make as many as you need keeping the 2 pieces of materials for 1 heart shaped tea bag rule in mind. Make sure all marks are accurate.
  • Here, you will need to get the scissors out and cut all the marked heart shapes accurately. Make sure you don’t cut through any heart shapes at all as they will cause leaks in your tea bags.
  • Now, get 2 pieces of heart-shaped fabric and get on the sewing machine. Sew about 80% of the heart-shaped pieces together joining them but with a small mouth still open. Do this for all your heart-shaped Custom Tea Bags and make sure to not completely close any of them up.
  • It is time to insert your tea into these bags now. Do this neatly and then once all are filled up with tea, sew the rest of their edges up closing them out perfectly
  • If you went with a tie string style tea box, needle in the fabric strings at the top side of the heart and put them in your perfect customized tea boxes. These Tea Holders in their perfect Tea Storage Boxes are now ready to be gifted to that loved one.