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Keval Padia

Keval Padia|India

Keval Padia is a Founder & CEO of Nimblechapps, a fast-growing react application development company.

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Top 5 Tools To Speed Up Your Mobile App Development Process

Jan 23, 2019

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5 Tools to Speed Up Mobile App Development

Mobile apps have completely changed the tech world. It has now become one of the best marketing tools for businesses. This is because it allows the users to have all the information with just a few taps on their smartphones. Developing an application is a costly and intensive process. This includes time and financial resources. A lot of times you do not have the budget to build a mobile application or you are in the need to gain some traction quickly to take advantage of an opportunity. In this article, will mention 5 of the best tools can be used to help you accelerate your mobile app development process. This will help you in reducing the cost of developing an app and also launching the app faster.

1. Fastlane: Fastlane is a free and open-source tool which can be used for both Android and iOS. It supports your app workflow by offering you automated tools & processes. The major focus is on continuous deployment and integration. The issues between QA and mobile developer can be speeded up with the help of this tool. This tool automates the The development of the app screenshots is automated by the tool for different devices. It also automates the distribution of the app beta builds by logging app changes, uploading the app, setting the build version etc. It also offers a set of actions that connect different actions together. Mobile app developers can easily contribute to the tool and develop their own actions and add-ons.

2. Parse Server: Parser server is a cloud back-end and free tool that consists of several additional services like databases, push notifications, user management etc. It is affordable and easily scalable. It comes with useful built-in tools and which help in customization and are also easy to maintain. It integrates your mobile app with the new instance and you can start making use of the new tools. Parse Server will allow you to make use of your own custom cloud-based backend. It easily connects with back-end tools so that it becomes easier for mobile app developers. With the help of Parse Server, mobile app developers will spend less time on maintaining web servers and also developing back-end services.

3. PaintCode: PaintCode is a tool that helps in generating code for visually designed UI components with the use of Objective-C, Swift, JavaScript, and Java. It works for Android, iOS, and for the web as well. With PaintCode, you can create beautiful looking UI components and see bring those designs to life in the application. PaintCode will exports the sketch to a single file, so it can be simply re-imported to that file every time the user interface components are updated. Using PaintCode, you will be allowed to export drawings to Swift or Objective-C. You will not be required to recreate drawings in PaintCode because you can export them from Sketch.

4. Design Templates: Design is something that matters the most when it comes to mobile app development. A well-designed app will rank much better within the app store compared to the apps that are poorly designed. A design template is a pre-designed graphics which is ready to be integrated in your application. The components and styles can be adopted the way you want. You can also copy and paste the entire graphic design.

The users really want a good user experience. Users are not always willing to take risks with an app they do not know much about. App developers have the chance of standing out by offering a beautiful design. If the in-house designer does not have enough experience in designing, or the budget is limited. Design a mobile app can prove to be really expensive.

Even if you have an applicatio n design template freely available, it does not automatically mean that you can make use of it. The creator of the original work  has the copyrights and you would need permission from them. But you can make use of templates for developing a mockup of your application.

5. Awesome Tools: This is more of a resource that consists of a list of frameworks, libraries, blogs, courses, books, and other amazing templates for mobile app development. If you look out and search, you will find that GitHub has a list for almost anything, right from iOS to Swift to Android to Java.


There are so many tools you can make use of to speed up your mobile app development process. These tools will only help you in building better mobile apps that are also profitable. You must remember that you should discover and understand how to make good use of these tools in your app development process. An application template can push the whole development, but you will need to eventually invest in a graphic designer. Good mobile app developers knows how to make perfect use of which tool.