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How to Fix Dell Error Code 0141?

Feb 11, 2019

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The Dell error code 0141 is usually related to the hardware section and might be encountered when you load your Dell computer. This error generally has the error code ‘2000-0141’ and is related to the hard drive components of your system. This error can occur anytime even when there is nothing wrong with your system. But why to worry when there is Dell Support Phone Number by your side to help you deal with all such issues.


Before looking for the solution for this error code, you need to look for the causes. One of the causes is when there is a mismatch between the hard drive and the operating system of your system. Some of the other causes of this error code have been mentioned below:

Corrupt or damaged Windows processes.

Damaged registry settings on your system.

If your system is infected with a virus or malware.

To fix the Dell error code 0141, you can simply dial the Dell Phone Number or can also apply the troubleshooting steps given below:


  1. The first step you can try is to scan your system to check if it is infected by any virus or malware. Viruses can be the reason for the occurrence of this error code as they can corrupt the programs installed on your system and Windows need it to run. Use a powerful antivirus tool to make sure your system is free from the attack of suspicious elements.

  2. Next reason for error 0141 can be the registry of your Dell system. It is a part of your system which stores settings and information so as to help your system to remember the different files and settings present on the system. Whenever the registry creates issues, it makes Windows unable to read the files and settings which it needs to run and make them corrupted and damaged. To fix this issue, it is recommended to use a registry cleaner.

  3. You can also use the ‘Dell Hard Drive Self Test facility. This will help you to test the integrity and reliability of your hard drive on your system. This tool will also help you to check how good your hard drive is running and help you to look out for the exact cause for the error code 0141 on your Dell system.

If you are in search of further troubleshooting tips for this error code or have any other issues regarding your Dell computer, call at the Dell Customer Service Number. Our technical staff will offer you instant solutions for all the issues you are facing with your Dell computer.