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Aquarium Filters - All You Need to Know Before Proceeding Ahead

Feb 14, 2019

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Many homeowners wish to convert their freshwater aquariums into saltwater. In this article, you will learn about the simple procedure to do so and equipment required to complete the task. You already have a glass or acrylic aquarium. As long as it holds water without any leakage, it is considered as a good one. Many people prefer to have a larger saltwater aquarium. In case you have a smaller one, it gets worse when a problem comes up because there is little room to fix mistakes.

You need to understand that you cannot put same quantity of fishes in a saltwater aquarium than you put in a freshwater. The rule says number of fishes in a freshwater tank must be 1 for every gallon of water. On the other hand, there needs to be 1 fish for every 5 gallons of water in saltwater tank.

Gravel is used as a substrate in many aquariums. Saltwater tanks usually make use of crushed coral or sand. However, you could use gravel for saltwater aquarium. To get best results, you could try crushed corals and critters to occupy reef tank.

Difference between saltwater and ordinary aquarium

Many of us are not aware of the fact that saltwater aquarium requires more filtration as compared to freshwater ones. It goes without any doubt that water quality of saltwater critters needs to be better than freshwater critters. You could increase the filtration of freshwater tank so that it meets requirements of saltwater aquarium. If it has one fish tank filter, add one more to double the capacity of filtration. It will remove suspended particles and debris from water.

Freshwater tanks have many decorations like rocks or large stones, plastic plants and so on. The plastic items could be dangerous to marine life if put in saltwater aquariums. Most of the fish nibble on everything and it will not take them much time to eat fragments of plastic. if you wish to develop a true saltwater tank, do not add any bubbling divers, castles and sunken chests.

How to maintain the aquarium on regular basis

Once you have converted the aquarium into saltwater tank, next thing is to maintain it on regular basis. If you have installed a mechanical filter, it has few components fitted inside it that need to be cleaned. First thing is filter’s pad or sponge. Scoop out some water from the tank to clean this sponge. It is beneficial for the fish to use existing tank water and not distilled water. The cleaned filter might not smell as fresh and clean, but the fish will be less sensitive to this change.

Make sure that you unplug the mechanical filter before cleaning it. Then take it off of your tank to make the process simpler. Remove the entire gunk off of the sponge with hands and water. You can use a filter cleaning brush to clean all the parts of filter. You will easily find such sponge at a pet supply store.