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What is viral marketing and how does it work

Feb 16, 2019

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What is viral marketing and how does it work

Viral Marketing also means Conversation Marketing since it assumes the concept of markets as conversations. Viral marketing or CPA Marketing aims to take advantage of word of mouth to increase the volume of conversations about a service or product and, finally, increase its popularity and appreciation among followers.

The word "viral" recalls the way in which viruses spread: through contamination and transmission. In the same way, for this type of online marketing strategy in English, the word "buzz" is also used, which refers to bees and implies the ability to address swarms, ie car scratch repair, homogeneous groups of people who share the same interests and tastes about products or services. 

Viral marketing encompasses the set of strategies that take advantage of the active role played by users in social media, consciously or unconsciously, spontaneously or with incentive, to propagate the content generated by companies and social network managers.

Social networks, blogs, forums, web environments to share images and videos, communities of interest, wiki sites, etc., all represent environments where conversations occur to influence the discourse itself. This is the challenge for companies: create content good enough to trigger word of mouth, content that pushes users to share spontaneously.


Example of viral effect achieved with the promotional video:

When this result is reached, viral marketing shows its true potential as companies benefit from great publicity about their commercial proposals, in addition to gaining popularity. In fact, viral marketing is also an excellent tactic to increase brand awareness.

The video is an extraordinary viral marketing vehicle to spread messages. Nothing like a shocking video manages to become so quickly in a viral video. There are many examples of marketing in social networks that have managed to benefit from viral videos, a success that only private companies do not reach.