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Symptoms Of Hair Fall - Warning Signs!

Feb 28, 2019

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Hair loss is something which can be triggered literally at any age of your lives. Moreover, you don’t have to be just a woman to be a victim of this nuisance. A study revealed that more than 60% of men and 40% of women complain of hair thinning issues.  Hair loss, Hair transplant in Rawalpindi and baldness is a condition which obviously nobody wants to deal with. Hair plays a vital role in progressing our lives and improper hair care might lead to negative circumstances. Losing 80-100 amount of hairs a day is normal, we often start anticipating it as hair loss but the truth is somehow different. However, if you start losing more than 100 hairs, then the situation does become alarming.

In my article, I have piled up some of the symptoms of hair loss which you’ll find below. Make sure not to create any fallacy in your minds and don’t panic anyway. The list is as follows:


1. Gradual change on the head top

One of the most ordinary types of hair loss which is badly affecting both men and women is this. In men’s case, their receding hairline often starts getting thin.


 2. Alopecia Areata

Another common type of hair loss is Alopecia Areata. It is a disease in which hair starts to fall out in small patches. These small patches often remain unnoticeable. But once these patches start connecting then ultimately they become evident. Alopecia is also known as male pattern baldness. However, it can also occur among females and that certain condition is known as female pattern baldness. Do not start feeling depressed as there is a cure to everything in this universe. We are a part of the contemporary era now. Several resources are available to cope with this disease. Be patient.


3. Rapid Hair Losing

Okay, so it might be a frightening or an emotional shock to the sufferers. Especially while combing hairs, a handful amount may come out of the comb when washing them. Even a gentle tugging will make your hairs fall down. This situation might be drastic as it causes the overall thinning of hairs.


 4. Chemotherapy – Hair loss due to medical treatments

   There exist some medical treatments and certain conditions due to which hair loss occurs. Chemotherapy is a condition which causes hair to fall on approximately all parts of the body; it is not just limited to the scalp. Some cancer patients lose just their scalp hairs. On the other hand, some seldom cases of chemo also revealed that they lost their hairs from eyebrow, armpit and other body parts.


5. Androgenetic Alopecia

As the term indicates, this kind of alopecia is hereditary. More than 90% of individuals who report hair fall problems suffer from this kind of Alopecia. Do not blame yourselves as you aren’t really responsible for every wrong move of lives. Your hormones are the real culprit here.


In the end, I would love to conclude the solution behind these issues. Of course, you cannot just keep bragging about this issue, in fact, we must possess a solution to do so, isn’t it? Hair transplant in Rawalpindi is one of the cures to your problems. Feel free to visit the website of Cosmesurge International Hospital to get the know-how of this treatment.