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Erectile Dysfunction and Stress

Mar 15, 2019

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Erectile dysfunction can be embarrassing, horrifying and a real confidence killer. But what is the stress that’s causing it? With the hopes of narrowing down what exactly causes this common sexual problem, perhaps you will be able to solve it in a simple manner and actually benefit from the results. There are many good cheap online medications available to combat ED. Some are for the “every once in a while” problem, while others can be taken daily for a more active and sexual lifestyle. Be sure to do your homework on these before giving it a try. Not all ED medications are for everyone. Discuss it with your doctor. But for now, here’s a brief look at how stress can create the problem of erectile dysfunction.


Stress can harm everything from sleep to sex. When it takes over it can cause harm to every part of your mind and body. Some indications that we are under too much stress may be more apparent than others. If you’re having trouble falling or staying asleep at night because you are obsessing over the next day’s work, then it’s probably pretty obvious that work is stressing you out and that your stress level is interfering with your need for sleep. While you may automatically jump to the conclusion that medication may be the quickest answer for you, think again. The easiest and most inexpensive way to combat stress is through exercise. Exercise not only takes your mind off the daily stressors

 but releases “feel good” endorphins into your body. Running is a great way to loosen up and de-stress. The “runner’s high” is a truly wonderful and freeing feeling. It is pretty much guaranteed to help you calm down, sleep better, focus better and have better sex. Any exercise improves your sexual stamina. Make sure to choose one that’s right for you.  If you really don’t have time to exercise, try waking up an hour early and going for a 15 minute brisk walk before work. Try to also go for another walk after work. I think we could all set aside 30 minutes a day to exercise. If walking and running isn’t really your cup of tea, try riding your bike. It’s easier on the joints, and you will still be getting exercise and having fun. Don’t talk on your phone while you’re exercising. It defeats the stress free purpose.

When it comes to sex, just try to relax and not think of anything except what you are feeling. Don’t let your mind stray to work, school, the kids or anything else. Just focus on the sensations and let go. If this is especially hard for you, try listening to some music to help your mind let go of the day.