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Recuperate Data From a 0 kb Outlook PST File

Mar 20, 2019

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Outlook is one of the prominent email services across the globe which is known for its incredible services and amazing storage capacity. Two of its file formats; play a major role in smooth conduct of Outlook application. Outlook PST file is on them and it stands for Personal storage table. It consists of every piece of data such as contact, emails, attachment, calendars, task and more.

Outlook PST is an important and safe file for user’s data. However, it faces many technical errors which pushes it towards corruption. Oversize of PST file and other errors may responsible for various errors. But one of the peculiar errors which cause PST file into the inaccessible state is 0 Byte PST file. Not every Outlook users are aware of this, hence it becomes tough for users to get a solution for it.

Before going to the solution, let’s have a look at what 0 Byte PST file is.

What 0 Byte Error

Due to this 0-byte error, normal Outlook, PST file which is holding every data starts display 0 byte in size. All of sudden the data of the PST file becomes distant, however, items in such file can be searchable using Windows search. Hence, this is one of the most confusing Outlook PST file issues.

What is the source of this Error?

There is no precise mode to figure out the cause behind 0-byte error on the PST file. Mostly it occurs due to several reasons in the hardware. Moreover, the updates in the Windows can encourage this error in certain cases.

After the 0-byte error, users unable to access the PST file. To access stored data in PST files which showing 0-byte error, users need to repair it and recuperate the data. Here are some of the manual techniques to recover data from 0-byte PST files.

  • Recover from Outlook PST Backups

  • Recover from archived PST Files

Recover from Backups


If you made backups on regular intervals for Outlook data, the prime way is to recuperate data from the backups.  To do so follow below given steps:

  1. Open Outlook.

  2. Choose File, Open, Open Outlook Data File to recuperate data from backups

  3. Select File, Open, Import


Outlook Auto-Archived PST File

You can recuperate the PST file via auto-archived PST file if you have permitted Outlook Auto-Archive earlier. In order to find the file, follow the below steps:

  1. Open Outlook.

  2. Choose File, Options, Advanced.

  3. Underneath AutoArchive label, tap on AutoArchive Settings button

  4. Click on Browse button to open the folder in Windows Explorer where you can locate the file.


Try Recovee Outlook PST Recovery Tool

Recovee Outlook PST Recovery Tool is an elegant tool to repair PST file corruptions. You can use the innate Inbox Repair tool to repair your files, but the Recovee tool is more dependable and precise than the Inbox Repair tool. It has an instinctive user-friendly interface which is easy to use for geeky users. It can repair even large size PST files too and other important features make it worth using. Demo version of is the center of the attraction for this tool.

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