Gmail or the Google account is the most preferred application by users all over the world. it serves a number of purposes for the people at one place. You are allowed to receive and send attachments, emails, larger files etc. it proves a wide range of language inputs which makes it easy to understand by people all across the globe.

It gives a number of facilities to its users and is an efficient and free email service that is provided by Google to the audience. It offers a number of services to the users such as video chats, emails, attachment of images, audios etc.

Google account recovery 
Google account is a place where you store a lot of data and files without any worry. It serves the purpose of various applications at one place for you. It is just like a room of files and data for you but only being at one click on your laptop or mobile screens.

At times, people tend to lose access to their accounts due to various reasons. To this problem, they seek solutions to recover their Gmail accounts. The brand provides the very best and simple steps to the users for Gmail account recovery.

In case you are not using the account for 9 months then the option of recovering your account doesn’t hold up. Losing access to your account would be a thing of concern but there are very simple steps to recover your account.

Recover my Google account 
One of the most important factors today is to have your accounts safe and details in your mind. Losing access to your social accounts would be a nightmare for you. In such cases, people start searching for answers to recover their Gmail account and sometimes end up getting confused. There are no hard and fast rules for this but really simple steps to follow to get back your account.

The Gmail account is what holds up a lot of details for you and losing on to this account will be a nightmare to you. You can very easily get the access back by following the steps to recover your Gmail account.

A process to Google account recovery 
As you lose access to your account, you can get it back easily as well. Recovering your Gmail account can be a hectic thing for few people but Google offers the simplest of the steps to recover your Gmail account-

Visit Google’s account recovering page and enter your account’s details 
Click the next button 
If you have linked your mobile number to your account, you can use that too to recover your Gmail account. 
You can use this number to receive an SMS regarding the recovery of the account 
Or you can answer the secret questions. 
These are a few simple steps helping you in Google account recovery in a short span of time. You can easily recover your account from these steps. In case, you have not been using your account for 9 months, Google considers your account abandoned and then you cannot recover your account.