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Calling All Creatives: 3 Out-of-the-Box Shipping Container Uses

May 01, 2019

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It wasn't too far in the past when shipping containers were used for just the purpose their name suggests.

Yet, on your Pinterest or Instagram feed, you've no doubt stumbled across some pretty cool pictures of these cargo containers being used in various ways far different from their intended purpose.

Maybe it's even got you thinking about some different ways you could put these durable building materials to good use at your home.

Here are some great ideas for how shipping containers have been and can be put to great use outside of their normal function.

Why Are Shipping Containers So Versatile?

The below list is far from an exhaustive one regarding what shipping containers can be used for.

There are several factors that make them useful in so many ways. One of the main reasons is how durable they are.

Remember what these containers were first used for. In the past, they've needed to be hardy enough to survive the lashing that the open ocean can unleash while protecting the contents of what was inside of them. Too, they needed to be able to survive on the back of a tractor-trailer truck on the open highway come rough roads, inclement weather, and other adverse conditions.

Another factor that makes shipping containers so great as buildings or building materials is the fact that they are highly customizable, both in price and design.

Prices vary depending on size and whether you'd be getting used shipping containers or buying new. Many vendors selling cargo containers offer services allowing you to modify your containers before even getting them sent to you.

1. Shipping Container Homes

The trend that started the shipping container craze, and rightly so. There's a good chance the first unique shipping container idea you ever either heard of or saw in your social media feed.

It's no wonder that shipping containers have made their way into popular usage for home building. You only have to consider many of the traits a new home builder would want in a place of residence and compare those with the benefits a cargo container can offer.

A well-built home needs to be able to endure even harsh weather without suffering major damage.

Someone building a new home will also want to be able to personalize it and modify according to their wants and needs.

It also will need to be secure enough to protect against individuals who would steal or harm your precious possessions and loved ones.

And of course, someone building a new home would want it to be stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

Shipping container homes are all of these things and more. It's for many of these above reasons these containers make great options for the next ideas on this list too.

2. Shipping Container Home Gym

Few things strip away a person's motivation to go to the gym than the idea of having to leave home after a long day of work to go there. Beyond that is the fact that once they get there they then get to go sweat and strain in front of loads of other people.

For this reason, many have turned to building their own gyms right at home. This is one of the best ways to achieve the popular goal of getting fit and healthy without absolutely hating the process.

What are some qualities you'd want when building a home gym?

Probably one of the first things that come to mind is needing a room that is built tough enough to support heavy weights being tossed around for extended periods. Another thing you'd likely want your gym to have is wide open space to ensure freedom of motion as you and others do you your weighted lunges, farmers walks, burpees, etc. and etc.

In fact, you might even want a space built out of steel and completely open that you don't mind getting scuffed up a bit.

This is why many have elected to use a shipping container as their home gym. These containers are durable enough to hold all manner of fitness equipment.

Plus, the fact that these containers are built to withstand even the extreme elements of the open sea means they'll have no problem protecting what is often expensive exercise equipment from bad weather.

They're also extremely secure against the threat of theft. With their steel construction and ability to be locked tight, they make for no easy task to break into.

3. Home Tool Shed

The two main qualities that make shipping containers good home gyms also make them great home tool sheds.

Nobody wants to store their hand and power tools inside their homes. These are bound to scuff up one's living space. Plus storing gasoline-powered tools indoors makes for a major fire hazard, let alone having to smell the gas fumes.

Still, tools are expensive and you don't want to have to worry about these getting stolen.

Should you risk a house fire or just deal with the possibility that some of your valuable tools might get robbed? What about neither?

Shipping container sheds guard against the elements, protecting your tools from corrosion and ruin from the weather. They can be locked up tight, protecting against theft. What else?

The fact that these containers are built entirely of steel means they are completely fireproof, keeping your tools safer and more importantly your home and loved ones too.

A Creative Way to Make Your Home or Business Project Stand Out

As mentioned above, this list is far from a complete one. There are plenty of other ways shipping containers can be used both at home and as part of a business.

If this is the route you take in your next home or work building project, one thing is sure–your shipping container project is certain to stand out and make an impact on all who see it.

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