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How to Show Customer Appreciation in Small Ways Everyday

May 03, 2019

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No matter what kind of business you run, expressing appreciation for your customers is one of the best ways to help your business grow.

In fact, research even shows that customers spend more money when they receive a token of gratitude from a business owner.

Have you thanked your customers lately? Have you let them know how much you appreciate their business?

Customer appreciation is easier than you might think.

Read on to learn about some of the best ways that you can let your customers know how grateful you are for them.

Why Is Customer Appreciation Important?

There are a lot of reasons why business owners need to make customer appreciation a priority.

The following are some of the greatest benefits that come from expressing gratitude to your customers on a regular basis:

Make More Sales

When you show your customers that you appreciate them, there's a good chance they're going to continue to patronize your business.

They'll visit more frequently, make more purchases, and recommend your business to their friends and family members more often. All of this, in turn, will lead to better sales and more revenue for your business.

You can find more info here on the importance of a good sales strategy and how customer service factors into it.

Improve Brand Reputation

Customer appreciation is also great for your brand as a whole.

A brand that is known for appreciating its customers is going to be better perceived by the public than a business that doesn't make gratitude a top priority.

More people are going to be attracted to your business, even if they don't' know anyone who's shopped their personally, if they know that you treat your customers well.

How to Show Appreciation to Your Customers

Okay, you can see that customer appreciation is important. How do you show your customers that you appreciate them, though?

The following are some of the best techniques you can use to show gratitude for your customers:

Hand-Written Notes

In today's digital age, a hand-written note goes a long way. Sending a customer a hand-written thank you note can help them to feel appreciated and increase the likelihood that they will shop with you again.

Not a great writer? You don't have to be.

Your hand-written notes don't have to be long or elaborate. Write from the heart and let people know that you're grateful for their business. Remember, they'll appreciate the gesture regardless of what's written in the card.


What better way to show gratitude to a customer than giving them a free gift?

Even if it's something very small like a keychain or a sticker, customers love getting a little extra something thrown in with their purchase.

In addition to free items, you can also try giving loyal customers discounts.

A 10 or 15 percent off coupon they can use on their next purchase can increase the chances that a customer will come back again in the future.

Drop Some Knowledge

You don't always have to share gifts and discount codes.

Another great way to show appreciation for your customers is to provide them with value in the form of additional knowledge.

Consider including them in an exclusive newsletter or Facebook group.

When they receive this letter or join this group, they can learn about new ways to use your product or how to get the most out of your services. This will show them that they're appreciated and encourage them to keep shopping with you.

Spotlight Customers in-Store

In-store customer spotlights are a great way to show appreciation and make your most loyal customers feel extra special.

Try featuring a picture of them near the register or the front door.

This is great for the customer being featured, and it also motivates other customers to keep shopping with you so they can be featured, too.

Offer a Customer Loyalty Program

What better way to show customer appreciation than with a customer loyalty program?

Give customers points every time they shop at your business, or create a punch card system and give them a punch with every purchase.

Then, reward their loyalty with a free gift or special discount when they've earned a certain number of points or punches.

Millions of businesses make use of loyalty programs like this - that's because they work!

Shout Them Out on Social Media

Another great way to show gratitude to your customers is by shouting them out on social media.

Pay attention to the people who are mentioning your brand on social media and responding to your posts. Then, highlight those people on your Facebook page or Instagram stories.

People love getting shout-outs and feeling like they're being seen.

They'll be much more likely to shop with you again and continue using your products and services after you give them a little online recognition.

Send "Miss You" Notes

It's important to focus on the customers who are returning to your business again and again. It's also important to focus on the customers who aren't, though.

Sending a simple "miss you" note to a customer who hasn't visited your business in a while can help them to feel noticed and more inclined to come back and shop with you in the future.

Like your thank you notes, these notes don't have to be long or elaborate. Just let the customer know that you miss them and would like to see them again soon. You might want to include a small discount count, too.

Get More Business Advice

Now that you know more about the importance of customer appreciation and the different ways you can express gratitude for your customers, it's time to start implementing these practices into your day-to-day business operations.

Are you interested in learning other ways to make sure your business continues to grow and thrive? If so, we've got resources for you.

Start by checking out these prayers for career and business improvement today. They'll help you make sure you're focusing on the right things to ensure your business is successful long-term.