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Online Shop Til' You Drop: E-Commerce Marketing Strategies

May 07, 2019

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Every e-commerce store wants to boost traffic and increase conversions.

But with the seemingly perpetual competition in the industry, reaching and converting customers can be so challenging if you lack a solid e-commerce marketing strategy.

Do you have a strategy in place?

You need powerful and actionable techniques that can be implemented starting from today. By the time you finish reading this, you’ll have discovered all the tactics needed to boost traffic and increase conversions.

Read on to learn more.

1. Create How-to Videos

The world of digital marketing is turning to videos. Videos are more engaging and ultimately more entertaining to a target market characterized by an ever-shrinking attention span. Add videos to your online store marketing strategy.

You need to take time in creating fun videos that feature your products, particularly how to use them. How-to videos remain one of the trendiest pieces of content online, and many shoppers are waiting to watch your videos on Facebook, YouTube, and more.

Take advantage of this newfound marketing technique by creating engaging videos to help your customers understand your brand. Think of the possible questions that your customers will be seeking answers.

Showcase your products using fun and exciting videos.

Creativity is key. For example, if you run a fashion online shop that sells a different type of clothing-you can do a styling video. Share with your potential customers how to style certain wear for a particular occasion.

2. Create Special Package Offers

Major discounts aren’t the only factor shoppers consider shopping events such as Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Customers are also looking for unique items that are being offered for one day.

You can also create your own event that offers unique package deals that are only available for a day. The more unique your offer, the more customers will get to know about you. Plus, you can also offer discounts on inventory that needs to be cleared to make the event look like the best deal in the market.

3. Influencer Campaigns

Influencers play a significant role in today’s digital marketing. They have a highly curated audience that trusts their reviews. Their followers consider them a trusted source.

For instance, your fitness products e-commerce shop may send some of its latest fitness products to a fitness blogger to endorse or review. Depending on the blogger’s size of the following, you may be needed to pay for the exposure.

Since the endorsement or the review is coming from a trusted source and it's being exposed to the audience looking for fitness products, such a campaign is an effective way to expose your business to a new audience.

Just ensure you seek endorsements from digital marketing influencers whose brands or interests are in line with your products.

4. Abandonment Recovery

If a potential customer reaches a point where they put a product in their cart, it’s a sign of significant interest in your product.

They’re so close to buying so try to convince them to complete the purchase.

Do you know that tons of customers abandon their carts before completing the purchase process? This is why you need abandonment tactics to capture the shoppers before they abandon the cart.

How will you capture these customers?

Add a specific exit popup on your shopping page.

For example: If a shopper adds something to their cart then changes their mind and decides to abandon the cart, you should have a pop-up message to convince them.

You can also have a follow-up email that offers a discount on the product that the client abandoned. However, you shouldn’t compromise your price point no matter how much you need to make a sale.

Read more to find out more about price point.

5. Create Valuable Blog Posts

Blogging gives you the opportunity to engage your customers, build a community and drive traffic.

Blogging introduces customers to your business in a low-pressure environment. Creating content helps you to engage, entertain and also answer questions that your customers are asking about your products

You can also create guides to demonstrate how your products are used. Make sure your content is valuable and interesting as well. The secret to blogging is quality over quantity. Blogging creates good inbound marketing opportunities.

6. Do you have Pinterest-Specific Images?

More shoppers are now using their Pinterest accounts to save photos from e-commerce stores. Shoppers are saving these photos for different reasons: to share with their online community, for inspiration or to purchase later. This site is huge on visuals.

Create Pinterest specific images to encourage visitors to from your site. Make the images visually stunning, and unique in some way.

7. Create Buzz on Social Media

Imagine if you start giving really cool products on social media.

How much buzz do you think this will generate? People like gifts. Get influencers to share your giveaways on social media as a way of increasing your exposure.

Giveaways introduce your products to tons of new customers and grow your email marketing list to help you reach out to potential customers in the future.

The idea is to get potential customers excited. You can also introduce challenges as a way of creating buzz. This is very practical, especially for the fashion business. Those who want to participate in such challenges are asked to sign up and this helps you grow your email list.

These social media challenges can help you start a trusted relationship with your potential customers.

8. Create Power Posts

Do you know one of the best tactics to promote your onsite SEO?

It’s by creating power posts. These are massive articles that contain useful information on a specific topic relating to your industry.

How is a power post different from other blogs?

A power post is a standalone resource that helps your customer understand your product, service or subject at hand without needing further research on the same.

One of its distinguishing attributes is that it’s better than any content available on the subject. It’s informative and SEO-optimized. Power posts look even better when it’s professionally designed, having video or photo content to back it up.

You should publish these posts as unique pages on your site.

They will spice up your website and increase the number of people visiting it. These posts can also be designed as downloadable pdf files that require visitors to give their information before downloading the document.

9. Integrate Facebook

Do you know how many people have Facebook accounts?

They’re about 1.7 billion Facebook users and counting, and about 60 percent of them log on every single day. Is your target market part of this community?

As you’re nodding in agreement, do you know how to get your products in front of their eyes in a platform they are already 'chilling' out? You need a Facebook store.

The Facebook store makes it easy for customers to shop since it’s integrated into the online store.

Some shoppers easily get bored when requested to navigate away from Facebook. With the Facebook store, shoppers buy directly from Facebook and this increases your exposure too.

Are You Ready to Launch Your E-Commerce Marketing Strategy?

If at one point you felt stuck about your e-commerce marketing, well, that is now behind you. You now have loads of ideas to supercharge your marketing. Remember, marketing determines the success of your business.

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