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Radio Advertising: Yes - It Still Works! How to Make It Work for You

May 07, 2019

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93% of American adults say that they still listen to the radio regularly - that's more than the percentage of people who watch television or use computers every day. 

The average person also listens to about four hours of music every day, often listening on the radio or on music streaming platforms. 

What do statistics like these tell us? 

What radio advertising is far from over, despite what you may have thought or even heard that it's as useful as a fax machine. This doesn't mean that social media marketing, SMS marketing, and other digital marketing tactics aren't important - they certainly are. 

What it shows us is that many companies (including your competitors) are overlooking the effective advertising opportunities that radio provides. 

Ready to learn more about how to make radio marketing work for you? 

Read on to find out how to do just that. 

1. Choose the Right Station

The most important thing when it comes to radio advertising is choosing the right station. 

In order to do this, you'll need to have a strong understanding of your market demographic. Consider their behavior, when they're most likely to listen to the radio, (on the way to work, between classes, etc.) and the type of music they like to listen to. 

You can even poll your customers directly to help you get this information. 

Or, you can start off by playing your ad on many different stations, and see which ones give you the most traction.

With over 15,000 total stations to choose from, this may take trial and error, but it's well worth it. Start with the most popular local stations, and go from there. 

2. Be Direct, Be Distinctive 

You don't have much time to make an impression - and encourage listeners not to change the station - when you're using radio advertising. 

You need to engage listeners with a strong hook up front, perhaps by asking them a question or sharing a shocking statistic. Don't be afraid to make an appeal to listeners' emotions here, and don't waste even one second of your ad time. 

Be as direct as possible, and follow the "hook, explanation of your products/services, offer" path in radio marketing. 

The listener is likely doing something else while the radio is on, so you don't want to overwhelm them with information and mindless details. 

Also, ensure that your ad stands out - things like a catchy jingle are still incredibly effective radio marketing tactics. 

3. Keep Your Other Marketing Channels Consistent

Whether you're creating a campaign about how to find the right elder care or if you're launching a new tech product, you need to ensure that you've synchronized all of your marketing channels before you launch your radio ad. 

This means that your website references the radio ad on the homepage.

Your social media marketing strategies should also the same services as your radio ads.

Have you launched other advertising tactics, like an email campaign or even a print ad in the local paper, to reinforce what you're talking about over the airwaves? Are all of your profile pictures on business accounts consistent? What about your company contact information? 

These are all things you need to take care of before your radio ad airs. 

4. Make a Specific Offer in Your Call to Action

In other marketing channels, your goal may simply to be to raise awareness about your brand or a specific product. 

But in the world of radio frequency advertising, you need to ensure that each ad has a direct call to action - and often, a specific and special offer that's unique to radio listeners. 

This will also help you to determine which of your customers are responding to your radio ad, so that you can better gauge its effectiveness. 

Tell listeners to mention the radio ad to get a discount, say a codeword that you bring up in the ad, or advertise a specific offer, sale, or product exclusively on the radio for a short time. 

5. Hire a Professional 

If you want your radio advertising strategy to have the kind of impact you want, perhaps the best thing for you to do is to work with a professional media team. 

This is especially key if you're planning on releasing several different campaign phases over the next few months.

An agency will help you to start out casting a wide net, and then will slowly segment your market and refine your radio campaigns based on sales data and user feedback. 

Plus, they can offer a higher production value than you'd likely be able to accomplish on your own and help you to learn more about what it takes to make a lasting impression on radio listeners. 

They even likely have connections with the top singers and voiceover talent that will help to make your radio ad stand out even more. 

Isn't It Time You Gave Radio Advertising a Try?

We hope that this post has convinced you to give radio advertising a try. 

Remember to keep it direct and simple, and to consider working with professional talent whenever possible. 

Looking for more advice about what it takes to develop an effective marketing strategy? 

Have you always been interested in hosting your own radio show, and want to learn about how to choose topics from financial advice to mental health to discuss on the air? 

Interested in listening to empowering music, sermons, or speeches?

We've got you covered when it comes to all that and more. 

Keep checking back with us to make sure you don't miss out.