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15 Reasons to Start a Career as an Engineer

May 08, 2019

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Are you a creative type who's great at solving problems? Do you like helping people? Or are you not sure what career to go into?

If any of these sounds like you, you should definitely look into being an engineer.

Engineering work is never dull. It's always a new and interesting challenge. Plus, you get to do work that's important to you, with any industry you want, anywhere in the world!

Sounds fun, doesn't it? It is. And that isn't even the half of it.

Read on to learn the most exciting benefits of being an engineer.

You're a Creative Person

Everyone does best in a job that they enjoy. If a person doesn't enjoy their job, they get burnt out and lose motivation to work. Their performance suffers, and so does their level of life satisfaction.

Creative people do best at jobs that allow them to use their creativity. That's why engineering is the perfect career for creative types.

You'll spend your time and talents figuring out how to solve various problems with creative solutions. With your outside-the-box thinking, you'll spot the answers others don't see to solve the problems they can't solve.

The Ultimate Sense of Accomplishment

Solving other people's problems is very satisfying. For one thing, the results of your work are very tangible.

When you complete a project, you can easily see what a huge difference you've made for the client. You'll watch your clients succeed in ways they never could before. And you'll know it's all directly because of you.

Even if no one pats you on the back, it feels good knowing you've helped someone. Your reward (aside from your considerable pay) is a very real, very satisfying sense of accomplishment.

You'll Be Making a Difference

Engineers can't help but have an impact on the world. That's literally the job description!

This is another big reason for job satisfaction. The results of your work are so helpful to so many people, not just your client.

Your work usually helps their clients, too. The solutions you provide might help thousands, even millions, of people who do business with your client.

Who do you believe thinks up all the amazing shows, rides, and attractions at Disneyworld? They're all made and perfected by engineers.

You Get Paid a Lot

How much do you make in a year? If you're thinking of switching careers or starting one for the first time, consider this. Engineers make an average of almost $79,000 dollars per year.

You Can Work in Any Field

All industries need engineers. So, if you want to, you can think of engineering as an add-on to or extension of any field you are interested in.

There are many ways you can use this to your advantage.

Perhaps there's an industry you want to break into but you aren't sure how to do so. In this case, engineering can be your foot in the door. You can find engineering work in that field and work your way in from there. 

Or, if you're considering switching careers, engineering is the perfect segue. You can start by doing engineer work that pertains to your current field of work. Then, use engineering to enter into another industry the same way as the last example.

Or stick with engineering and make that your permanent career. Then you can explore many different industries.

You Have Job Security

Being needed in every industry also means you'll never have trouble finding work. Engineers are in high demand. So if any of your engineering gigs don't work out, you'll always have plenty of others to choose from.

Not only that, but the high-demand status of engineers is 100% future-proofed. Recent engineering trends are showing some very big shifts in American work habits. Game-changing advances in technology, especially AI, are beginning to overhaul entire industries.

These changes will put a lot of people out of a job and, at the same time, create more demand for many others. But no matter what happens with the job market or technology, there will always be a need for engineers.

Do Work That's Important to You

Aside from work, what kinds of things are important to you in life? Whatever your answer, you're sure to find engineering work that supports these causes.

Remember: engineers are needed in every field. You can take engineering jobs for churches, charities, and other nonprofit organizations. Environmentally conscious engineers can provide solutions for companies that are interested in going green.

Unlike most jobs, engineering allows you to do work that matters most to you.

Never Get Bored

In most careers, you do pretty much the same thing every day. But with engineering, no two projects are ever the same. 

Engineering work is always new and challenging. Your next project will always be different from your last. That makes engineering uniquely more exciting than almost any other job.

Never Stop Learning

This also means that the brain of an engineer is constantly put to the test. You'll always be learning and growing and advancing your skills. 

All this practice makes you a better problem-solver and, therefore, a better engineer. But you may also learn new things about the specific industries you work for.

It's an Excuse to See the World

Have you ever wanted to travel abroad and see the world? Then become an engineer and look for work in exotic locations.

This is something you can test for yourself right now! Think of a location you've always wanted to travel to. Then, do some searching on job sites for local engineering jobs in that area. 

Then, remember this. If you had an engineering degree, you could stop wishing and just take the job. 

Be an Engineer

To summarize, engineers get the most important and fulfilling work, in any industry they want, anywhere they want to do it. What's the downside? We don't know; we couldn't find one!

Whatever you hope to get out of your career, engineering can give it to you.

So what are you waiting for? Get into an engineering school near you to get started as an engineer.

Even better, you don't have to make such a big decision alone or leave it to chance. Get supernatural career guidance with this Prayer for Business and Career.