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How to Start a Magazine Digitally

May 08, 2019

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Today, over half of the world's population goes online regularly.

What does that mean for you if you're thinking about launching a magazine? It means that launching digitally is the way to go and that your potential for amassing readers is immense.

Starting a successful digital magazine is a lot harder than just building a website though. Creating a magazine takes stellar content and a great deal of salesmanship to be successful.

Below, our team steps you through the basics of how to start a magazine so that you know how you can start moving your digital magazine dreams towards reality!

Step 1: Pick a Platform

You can't have a digital magazine without having a platform online to showcase your magazine through. For most people, that platform will be a website.

The question of the platform goes a lot deeper than "build a website," though. You also have to consider things like which platform your website will be built on.

WordPress? "Joomla!"? A custom platform?

Who will your web host be? What sort of hosting package will you need to manage your magazine's traffic?

These are all important questions about how to start a magazine that you may want to work with an IT professional to get to the bottom of.

Step 2: Find a Talented Designer

There's a ton of information online right now. A lot of it will be in the same niche that your magazine is going to specialize in (more on niches later).

Why then should people read your digital magazine over somebody else's?

One of the key reasons why people choose one magazine over another is design.

People pick up magazines, even digital ones, not just for the content (which is important) but for the experience. A talented designer can help you create your magazine's motif which will set you apart from your competition.

Step 3: Decide on Your Niche

You could focus your efforts by creating a catch-all publication that talks about every topic. In our experience though, being a jack-of-all-trades in the digital content space is a big no-no.

To really resonate with audiences, you're going to want to focus your magazine around a core niche.

That niche could be a topic that you're very passionate about. It could be a topic that you're seeing is get a lot of traction on trend sites like "Buzzsomo".

Whatever your niche is, know it, and know it well. There are too many options for readers today for them to be wasting their time with sub-par content.

Step 4: Put Together Your Writing Team

Nothing is more important to your magazine-starting ambitions than putting together a great team of writers. After all, people are going to your publication to read it.

Hiring staff writers might be the way to go if you really want to have great control over your brand. Doing so can be costly, however.

As an alternative, you could hire freelance writers on a per-project basis off of popular freelance job boards like UpWork.

In addition to writers, you'll want to hire an editor that can pass out assignments, manage payments, and function in a quality control capacity.

Step 5: Self Advertise

You've got your platform, your niche, and your all-star team. After you've used those resources to create and publish content, what's next?


Create social media accounts and share snippets of your content. Find out more about email lists and start leveraging your magazine's to get people to read and share your work. Invest in paid advertising.

Anything that you do to pull eyeballs towards your site will be a welcome strategy as you start building your brand.

Step 6: Profile Influences

Influencers are typically expensive if you'd like them to advertise your products. So, instead of asking them to advertise for you, request an interview.

When you interview an influencer, you can often flatter them into giving you their time for free which could then lead to tons of organic traffic as their followers flock to read what you wrote.

Step 7: Forge Partnerships

You don't want to exist in a vacuum in the media world. The more companies that you can partner with that compliment what you offer well, the better.

For example, if your digital magazine is all articles and pictures, partner with a video service to help you create video content to complement your stories. Partnerships like those will not only make your content more compelling but it also leads to great cross-promotion opportunities.

Partnerships you create can also be outside of the creative spectrum. Many digital magazines have great relationships with banks which then leads to less stress if funding is required.

Step 8: Monetize

In order to create a digital magazine, you have to focus on content first. Eventually, though, you'll want to start thinking about money and when you do, there are a few ways that you can start generating income.

You can sell products affiliated with your brand, feature ads, feature affiliate links, charge other websites for backlinks on your website and more to start turning out paychecks.

At the end of the day, your money earning potential with a digital magazine is only limited by your creativity!

Closing Out Our How to Start a Magazine Digitally Tips

We hope that you now have a solid grasp on how to start a magazine digitally. Take your time as you work through each of these steps and really take pride in learning all of the ins and outs of the content creation industry.

If you do that, you'll set yourself up for lots of sustained success well into the future.

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