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Top 10 Reasons Why You Need to Call a Plumber

May 09, 2019

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We understand the appeal of DIY home repairs. There's something satisfying about caring for your home with your own two hands. Plus, everyone looks amazing wearing a tool belt.

When that DIY repair is something simple like a paint job, go for it. Plumbing issues, on the other hand, aren't wise to try yourself. Consider that it costs an average of $2,700 to fix water damage, that isn't a door you want to open.

How do you know when a problem is serious enough to call a plumber? Look no further than this list.

When You Need to Call a Plumber

We're not suggesting that you call a plumber every time your toilet needs a plunge. There are some issues, though, that only a professional should handle.

1. Your Pipes are Blocked

We all have times when our shower or sink is draining slowly. If this happens in a single drain, chances are that it's a superficial clog like a blockage of hair.

If you're getting slow draining in drains throughout your home, it may be a bigger problem. This often means that you have a blockage deeper in your pipes. You won't be able to reach it with a basic pip cleaner.

Rather than trying to snake every drain in your house, call a plumber. They have the equipment and expertise to track down the blockage instead of guessing where it is.

Finding the perfect plumber lets you get rid of the blockage without the risk of damaging your pipes.

2. You Have Low Water Pressure

Few things make a shower less satisfying that when water comes out as a trickle instead of a forceful flow.

The problem with low water pressure is that there are many possible causes. In fact, it may be a problem with your water supplier instead of your own plumbing.

Rooting around in your pipes without knowing what you're doing is never a safe option. Instead, hire a plumber who can track down the problem and return your water flow to a refreshing strength.

3. Your Sewage is Backing Up

Sewage backups may be the most obvious plumbing issue to notice. It's also one of the most dreaded issues because it's so hard to clean it up thoroughly.

Before you can think about cleanup, though, you need to treat the cause. A plumber can track down the problem without making the mess worse: a likely consequence if you try to DIY this fix.

4. Your Pipes Freeze and Burst

Winters wreak havoc on homes, and that includes your pipes. If it gets cold enough and your pipes are immobile, the water in them can freeze. It expands while it freezes, and this can cause your pipes to burst open.

For many homeowners, the first sign of this is painful water damage coming through their walls. It can even flood your home.

If this happens, turn off your water so you don't sustain more damage. The next step is to call a plumber. They'll be able to find the damage and replace the pipes to protect your home in the future.

In the meantime, don't forget to drip your faucet on cold days, especially if you go on a trip.

5. You Don't Have Hot Water

It's no surprise that if you don't have hot water, it means your water heater has failed. That doesn't mean it's time to replace it, though.

A plumber will be able to investigate and find out where it all went wrong. This can save you money because there's a good chance your water heater is fixable.

It's especially important to leave this to a plumber if your water heater is powered with gas. Never try to repair anything with gas by yourself. One wrong move can turn tragic.

6. Your Toilet Gurgles

Sometimes it's hard to know which quirks in your home are problems and which add character. If your toilet gurgles when you run your shower or drain your bathtub, allow us to solve the mystery.

This tends to be a sign of a blockage down the line. The blockage makes your drains slow down enough that air gets into your pipes. That air bubbles up through your toilet.

If you let this go, the blockage will get worse. Before you know it, you could have nasty backflow. A plumber can find the blockage and attack it at the source.

7. You're Performing a Major Remodel

When you're watching home improvement shows, moving or removing a wall seems like a simple demo job. The reality is more complicated.

Walls have plumbing, wiring, and potentially other vital elements for your home. To take out or move a wall, you need to find a way to reroute all of this.

This is never something you should try by yourself. If you make a mistake or if your new work isn't up to code, your home's resale value could take a major hit.

Instead, hire a plumber to reroute plumbing and hire an electrician to reroute wiring.

8. You Have No Water

It never fails: if your water is going to go out, it will happen at the most inconvenient time. After making sure your water bills are paid up, it's time to call a plumber.

There are plenty of reasons you may not be getting water. You could even have a leak somewhere so your water is coming through the pipes but it's getting into your walls before it gets to you.

A knowledgeable plumber knows where to look first to find the problem and get your water back up and running.

When to Pass Up DIY

Building your home maintenance skills and tackling DIY projects can be a great way to save money. You have to know your limits, though.

Plumbing systems are more complex and precise than most people realize. Considering how expensive your damage could be if you make a mistake, it's always worth your while to call a plumber.

Of course, home repair problems are stressful as well. For some added support throughout this and other struggles in your life, turn to our online Christian community.