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Fashion-Forward: 6 Leather Jacket Styles You Need to Know About

May 10, 2019

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Leather jackets might be present everywhere nowadays, but their beginnings date back to the First World War. Starting in 1918, German pilots wore leather jackets to protect their military uniform.

Leather jackets have evolved a lot since the 20th century. Now there are several classic styles that should be in everyone's closet.

If you're in the market for new leather jacket styles, we have a list of 6 styles you should know about.

Read on to get started.

1. Biker Jacket

The biker jacket style will forever be known as the ultimate bad "bad boy" jacket. For anyone who wants to embrace their inner bad boy, this jacket is for them.

Marlon Brandon wore this famous style back in the 1950s.

Biker jackets get their names because they're the style of choice worn by motorcyclists. Black biker jackets are the most common - characterized by its cropped design and asymmetrical zipper. Most biker jackets are either crafted from cowhide, horsehide, or goatskin.

The asymmetrical zipper is there for a reason - it allows motorcyclists to lean over while riding their bikes so the fasteners and zippers don't dig into their bodies.

Biker jackets are not only for men, but women can also embrace this style as well. It's rare for a woman to flip through a fashion magazine and not see a biker jacket.

Men can wear this leather jacket in a variety of ways. Due to the style, it looks better when worn with slim fit jeans. All you have to do it throw a t-shirt on and you have a perfect look.

Women wearing this leather jacket style should keep their outfit mostly dark. They can wear this jacket with dark jeans or trousers. If they want the ultimate Rebel look, throw on a pair of biker boots.

2. Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket has a rich history - it has been around in the army as early as 1917. In 1945, the material of choice for the bomber jacket was nylon since it has easy to care for.

It resurfaced again in the 1980s as the jacket of choice for the punk movement, skinhead movement, and it was even popular among the gay communities. The leather bomber jacket even made its way to high fashion.

If you want to look for the perfect leather bomber jacket, you need to look for the cropped fit, zipper in the center, and the fitted waist and cuffs. The waist and cuffs are usually a different material such as shiny nylon or supple leather.

For men, it's easy to wear this jacket. It's perfect when you pair it with jeans and a t-shirt for a casual look. They can also pair it with dress trousers and wear it to the office.

For women, a classic leather bomber jacket is a must in their closets. This jacket looks great with a nice pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair of heels.

3. Field Jacket

Also known as the M-65, the field jacket is a piece of classic military menswear. The field jacket was originally designed in a cotton drill material before making its way to leather.

Unlike the biker or bomber jackets styles, which are cropped, the field jacket is longer than the other two styles. The features of this jacket include four front pockets, a hidden placket, and a belted waist.

The field jacket is most popular in warm and rich brown colors.

For men who live in areas that experience milder winters can wear field jackets to stay warm.

4. Racer Jacket

The racer leather jacket is synonym with the automobile world. You cannot talk about driver attire without putting driving shoes, ribbed-knee jeans, and racer jackets together.

After returning home from the war in WWII, soldiers rode the motorbikes they owned before the war and hung out at local cafes, which is why this leather jacket also got the name the "Cafe Racer."

You will find most racer jackets made out of a heavy horsehide - designed to provide protection to the racer. The front zipper is also sturdy for added protection. Make sure you choose full grain leather jacket if you go for the racer style.

Most men can wear this jacket with everything so it makes it easy to dress it up or down.

5. Flight Jacket

As the name suggests, flight jackets were originally designed for pilots. These jackets are a lot bulkier than other styles of leather jackets to provide extra warmth. No matter which color you choose, you will find leather jackets with a shearling lining for added warmth.

Although everyone can wear the flight jacket, it will always be the jacket of airmen.

Since this jacket has the added layer, it can be worn during colder winters. Keep in mind that since it's designed to keep you warm in colder temperatures, you can get overheated.

To avoid over layering, all you need is a t-shirt and a light sweater in the winter.

Although it was mostly worn by men, women can also enjoy the flight leather jacket to stay warm. These jackets will keep the ladies warm in the winter.

This leather jacket style is perfect to wear on vacation or a long weekend.

6. Leather Blazer

Everyone who works in an office is more than familiar with the blazer. However, did you know they're also available in leather?

While leather blazers are not as popular as the leather racer or biker jacket, they're a great choice for people who want to rock a leather style to their office.

The leather blazer is a lot more formal than all of the other styles, so you can feel free to wear it to the office.

Leather blazers come in a lighter leather, they have a structured shoulder, notch lapel, and a button closure.

If you want a more relaxed and less formal style of a leather blazer, they're available in a distressed leather style. You can wear it with jeans, converse, and a t-shirt.

Leather blazers are also available in a longer style for people who want to wear it more like outerwear.

Top Leather Jacket Styles: The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many leather jacket styles available for every taste. You can choose from the bad boy biker jacket, field jacket, bomber jacket, and more.

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