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9 Items You Need to Set Up an Efficient Home Office

May 13, 2019

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Roughly 8 million people work remotely, and that number is only expected to grow. Let’s face it—who wouldn’t jump at the chance to work from the comfort of their own home while still lounging in their pajamas?

But if you’re going to work remotely on a regular basis, you’ll need to set up a home office that allows you to remain productive. This means finding the right area to work in and purchasing some necessary home office equipment.

Do you need help compiling your shopping list? Then keep reading to discover 9 items you absolutely need in order to create an efficient home office.

1. A Quality Computer

Is your current computer slow? Does it freeze and lag a lot? Not only does this waste time, but it can also be enough to ruin your productive mood when you have to wait around for your computer to start working again.

While laptops may seem more convenient, consider opting for a full setup with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. This will help create that office feel, and it can be easier to use than trying to fiddle with a trackpad.

2. An Ergonomic Chair

Nothing is more distracting at work than back pain. The best way to avoid this is to invest in an ergonomic chair.

At the very least, the height, armrests, and lumbar support should all be adjustable. However, consider finding a chair with an adjustable seat as well.

There are also ergonomic keyboards and wrist rests to help you create the ultimate comfortable work area.

3. Fast Internet Connection

With so much being done online, it should come as no surprise that you’ll need a fast internet connection. You’ll also need to make sure your connection is reliable since you likely won’t be able to get much work done if the internet goes out unexpectedly.

Even worse, an unreliable connection can hinder your career success. You may need to go back to working in the office every day or even end up getting fired.

4. A Quality Printer

While most of your work will be done on the computer, you’ll still likely need to print things out. So, make sure you include a printer in your home office.

Depending on how much you print, you can likely get away with a home printer rather than a commercial one.

5. A Copier

Although you may work from home the majority of the time, you may still need to go into the office for meetings. This means you may need to make several copies of reports or other documents to share with your coworkers.

If this happens a lot, you may want to invest in a commercial copy machine so you don’t wear your printer out.

To save money and room, you may also want to consider getting a copier that also works as a printer and fax machine. This way, you won’t have to fiddle with different machines or worry about finding room for a fax machine if you need one in the future.

6. A Filing Cabinet

Do you work with several different clients? If so, you’ll likely need a place to store things like contracts and information regarding their orders.

This is where a filing cabinet comes in handy. Of course, you’ll also want to get hanging file folders to keep everything organized.

7. A Paper Shredder

You client’s and your business’s privacy should always be your top concern. Even when you work from home, improperly disposing of paperwork can put your company at risk if it somehow falls into the wrong hands.

Any physical papers with private information on it should be shredded. There are many different shredders to choose from, including strip-cut, cross-cut, and micro-cut. Although micro-cut provides the highest level of security, you’ll likely be fine with a strip-cut or cross-cut shredder.

8. Surge Protectors

Think of all the items we’ve already listed. Most of them will need to be plugged in. But this means that potentially costly problems can arise in the event of an electrical surge.

That’s why a surge protector is such an important purchase to make. However, this shouldn’t be confused with a power strip.

A power strip plugs into your outlet and offers several additional outlets that you can plug electronics into. While some power strips also double as surge protectors, not all of them do. So, make sure you read the product carefully before making a purchase.

9. Some Kind of Storage Solution

Have you ever needed a highlighter or more staples but couldn’t find any? Maybe you spent 20 minutes rummaging through the supply closet or had to run out to the store because you were all out. Not only are situations like this frustrating, but they also take up a lot of time.

To avoid this, consider keeping a healthy collection of office supplies at home. Things like pens, pencils, erasers, sticky notes, staples, highlighters, and paperclips are all good things to stay stocked up on.

But all these small items can easily get pushed around and end up in one big disorganized pile.

So, make sure you invest in some type of storage solution to keep everything in its place. Drawer units and storage cabinets are both great ideas. Just make sure you’re including some type of drawer organizer or small containers to keep everything separate and easy to find.

Home Office Equipment Shopping List

Don’t start working from home before you hit the office supply store. Instead, follow the list above to ensure you have everything you need. From a quality computer to a surge protector, there are quite a few pieces of home office equipment that will help you stay productive when working from home.

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