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How to Move on After Divorce as a Christian Woman

May 13, 2019

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Did you know that approximately 40-50 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce? This means that statistically, you could find yourself separating or divorcing from your partner. 

What happens after the legal proceedings? Have you thought about how to move on after a divorce? 

We are going to discuss how to handle the end of a marriage when you are a Christian woman. Keep reading for more information! 

Get Help

Whether you are newly separated or a divorcee of many years, your heart needs to heal and other steps taken. This may mean starting with legal help to divide items and communal property; read more now on how to divide larger assets. 

You will also need to find a church that is accepting of your situation, and possibly a Christian therapist to help guide you through this time. It doesn't matter if your divorce happened years ago-when you are ready to start dating, a support system and a healed heart are necessary. 

Ask Yourself if You're Ready

This question will be difficult to answer-especially if you there is fear about getting back into the dating world. Before accepting a date, have a conversation with God about your intentions and the preparedness of your heart. 

There will be some anxiety about returning to the dating world. However, you should ponder whether the hesitance about 'getting back out there' is due to fear or if it is guilt. 

Guilt, or feeling as though you are 'cheating' on your ex-husband may mean that there are a few unresolved emotions. This is something to bring to your therapist or church group. 

Use Your Resources

As technology evolves, so does dating. It isn't a bad idea to let a few friends know that you are interested in finding someone to spend time with, but remember that there are other options. 

By other options, we mean check out online dating. This doesn't necessarily mean that you should download the apps that allow you to 'swipe left' or 'swipe right.' This means that you should research one or two websites that match your ideals and goals. 

Additionally, if you happen to meet someone online, go ahead and set up a meeting to find out if there is real chemistry. Follow safety procedures like telling a friend where you're going, meeting in a public place, and not over-consuming alcohol. 

Go on Several Dates-With Several People

It is unlikely that you will meet the perfect man on the first try. It is okay and acceptable to date several people before you become exclusive and monogamous. 

There are two stipulations to this: the first one is honesty. You must be honest with your dates about your intentions and the fact you are seeing other people. The second condition is that you have to be prepared for men to do the same (and not be hurt by it).

Final Thoughts on How to Move on After Divorce

Hopefully, you have found a few tips to help you figure out how to move on after divorce. Should you find yourself still unsure, or unready to pursue dating, focus on your family, God, and re-learning yourself. 

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