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9 Reasons Why iPhones are Taking Over The World

May 15, 2019

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It’s hard to think that iPhones are little over 12 years old and that we ever lived without them. But they have changed just about everything about our lives.

From mobile baking and contactless payments to getting from A to B without getting lost. The iPhone was the product that transformed Apple’s fortunes from a mid-sized computer company into one of the world’s most recognizable and successful brands.

Here’s why iPhones are taking over the world.

1. They Revolutionized Mobile Internet

There are many benefits of having an iPhone, reliable mobile internet is the main reason.

It was still possible to access the internet on a mobile phone before the internet but it often involved using a slow running internet browser and unless you had purchased a really expensive phone, streaming videos was a no-no.

The iPhone changed all of this by fully integrating the internet into every aspect of its design and software. Through downloadable apps and the integration of the powerful iOS operating system, Apple transformed the phone into an all singing all dancing internet device.

2. They Introduced Mobile Payments

Apple Pay allowed banks and credit card companies to incorporate their cards into Apple’s mobile wallet. For the first time, people could leave the house without their wallet, paying for their weekly groceries from their phone. There is also no need to remember to bring your loyalty card as e-versions of these were integrated into the app.

Apple Pay also made it easier for users to make purchases directly from their iPhones, no longer needing to enter card details but instead using nothing more than a fingerprint to verify the purchase.

3. The iPhone Transformed Apple into the World’s Biggest Tech Company

Today there’s not a person on the planet who hasn’t heard of Apple. It has earned billions of dollars in revenue and is now so powerful, many questions about whether Apple has more power than some state governments.

It has made its executives and shareholders very rich and given thousands of jobs to those who work for it.

But Apple’s biggest legacy is the jobs it has created through the invention of the iPhone itself. The tech firm’s App Store has been a launchpad for all kinds of innovations from third parties.

4. A Camera In Everyone’s Pocket

Another development that the iPhone brought us is a powerful camera from the palm of our hand. The camera in the latest iPhones produces images so powerful that they can be used for publication in magazines and newspapers; you cannot tell the difference.

This encouraged third parties to create photo and video editing apps for the iPhone so that the standard of editing was just as high as the photography.

The camera on an iPhone is probably not suitable if you feel that a friend or family member is spying on you as an iPhone is difficult to disguise. Instead, try a dedicated spy camera and these tips.

5. Abolished the Mobile Keyboard

Early smartphones tried to solve the problem of browsing the internet by incorporating a mini keyboard into their designs. But these were fiddly, with tiny keys and were made of plastic.

The iPhone, with its powerful touch screen, solved this problem by including an on-screen keyboard for users, making the experience of web browsing seamless even for those with big hands.

This made it much easier to write emails on services like Rocketmail from our pockets.

6. Transformed Social Media

Without applications or a device that makes connecting to the internet so easy, social media sites like Twitter or Instagram would never have taken off in the way they did.

Imagine if you could only use Twitter from a computer? There would be no live tweeting from protests or important political events from around the world and we would all be poorer for it.

7. Stopped Us From Ever Getting Lost Again

The iPhone has its own version of Maps but where it really came into its own was that it allowed third parties to put their own spin on things. Google Maps became the go-to standard, followed by Maps. Me for travelers.

Both of these apps allow you to download maps of specific areas in advance so that even if you are in some far off jungle in South America, you can still find your way to shelter.

Google Maps continues to roll out new features such as where to rent a bike.

8. Prevented Us From Ever Losing Our Phones

Find my iPhone is a revolutionary idea that was introduced relatively recently. It uses the in-built GPS to allow you to locate your phone.

It comes in very useful if you’ve left your phone in a pocket or another room in the house and you want to locate it. It can also be used by the police to track down your phone if it is stolen by criminals.

9. Changed the Way We Do Banking Forever

Online banking existed long before the iPhone but iPhones enabled people to bank from the palm of their hand.

Out for dinner but the restaurant won’t let you spilt the bill or one of you doesn’t have the exact change? No problem mobile banking apps allow you to do a direct transfer on the spot.

Now digital banks like Revolut and Monzo are taking over the scene, allowing you to manage your finances entirely from your screen with no fees for transferring money abroad or spending money abroad.

iPhones Changed the World but There’s Still More to Come

Why are iPhones popular? Because they changed the world for the better since their launch in 2007.

But with every iOS update and every new model, they continue to disrupt the old and challenge us to find new ways of completing day-to-day tasks.

From communicating with each other to paying each other to even being able to turn on the lights on and run a bath from the palm of our hand, an iPhone is not just a phone but a device that facilities a modern lifestyle.

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