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15 Deliciously Healthy Things to Eat on Keto Diet

May 15, 2019

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As far as diets go, none is currently as popular as the Ketogenic Diet. A low-carb, high-fat diet, it works to speed up the metabolism and burn calories quickly.

Are you interested in utilizing the Keto Diet? Wondering what you can eat on the diet? Then don't stop reading now.

Without further ado, here are 15 delicious, healthy things to eat on Keto Diet.

15 Great Things to Eat on Keto Diet

The key to the Keto Diet is high-fat, low-carb foods. Some of the foods which best fit this bill are as follows.

1. Cheese

There isn't a single cheese in existence that isn't appropriate for the Keto Diet, as every cheese in the world is low in carbs and high in fat. Throw in cheese's high protein content and you've got a calorie-burning food for the ages.

You shouldn't have much trouble working cheese into your diet. You can either eat it by itself or just sprinkle atop of other keto-friendly foods.

2. Carb-free Meats

There are a variety of meats which contain few to no carbs. These include beef, pork, lamb, and chicken, to name just a few. As such, these meats are terrific for the Keto Diet.

In addition to containing almost no carbs, these meats are also high in protein, helping to sustain the muscle that often struggles to survive in a low-carb diet.

3. Seafood

Essentially free of carbs, seafood is great for those undertaking a Keto Diet. While all types of seafood offer Keto benefits, the best types of seafood for Keto purposes include salmon, shrimp, crab, and squid.

Your best bet is to alternate seafood dishes with other types of meat dishes. This will provide variety and allow you to absorb all of the beneficial nutrients these meats provide.

4. Coconut Oil

Another food which you can use to put yourself into ketosis is coconut oil.

Coconut oil is filled with a high-quality fat known as MCT. When MCT enters the body, it is quickly used for energy, foregoing the breakdown process that most fat goes through. As a result, coconut oil kickstarts the calorie burning process.

There are a number of ways to consume coconut oil. You can use it as cooking oil, you can bake it into foods with other ingredients, and you can drink it as is. Regardless of how you consume coconut oil, it will provide Keto benefits.

5. Greek Yogurt

While Greek yogurt contains more carbs than many other Keto-friendly foods, it provides enough protein to make it worth its while. Not to mention, as far as snacks go, it's about as Keto-friendly as you can get.

It should also be mentioned that Greek yogurt has appetite-whetting capabilities. It will help you to feel full throughout the day, ensuring that you don't overeat.

6. Nuts

Another keto-friendly snack is nuts. Low in carbs and high in fat, almonds, pistachios, pecans, macadamia nuts, and a variety of other nuts are exceedingly beneficial in revving up the calorie burning process.

And nuts don't just provide Keto benefits. They're also beneficial for heart health, cancer prevention, and mental health regulation.

7. Eggs

Regardless of your diet, eggs are always a great bet. High in protein and low in carbohydrates, eggs regulate the appetite, burn calories, and balance blood sugar.

8. Butter

Most of us think of butter as unhealthy. While it can be when eaten in excess, when eaten in moderation, it actually provides Keto benefits. This is due to its low carb content and high-fat consistency.

So, don't be afraid to spread that butter around. In the grand scheme of things, it's doing you a lot more good than harm.

9. Coffee

Think the Keto Diet will force you into giving up your coffee habit? Think again! Coffee is actually perfect for the Keto Diet, as it contains no carbs and works to speed up the metabolism.

Additional benefits of coffee include a reduced risk of diabetes and an improved mood.

10. Chicory Root

A beneficial Keto-friendly food that you might not know of is chicory root, a plant from the dandelion family. Often consumed as an extract, it offers a range of benefits. Learn more about chicory root in this post by

11. Berries

Fruits don't fit into the Keto Diet . . . with one exception: berries! Low in carbs, everything from blackberries to blueberries to raspberries and strawberries can work to burn calories.

Additional benefits of berries include reduced risk of disease and inflammation relief.

12. Dark Chocolate

Looking for a sweet snack to eat on the Keto Diet? Dark chocolate is the answer. A natural antioxidant, dark chocolate is low in carbs and capable of boosting than metabolism.

Dark chocolate is also renowned for its heart health benefits. Not only does it lower the blood pressure, but it also helps to cleanse the arteries.

13. Select Sauces

A number of sauces can be eaten on the Keto Diet. These include mayonnaise, mustard, salsa, soy sauce, and salad dressing, to name just a few.

14. Select Vegetables

While all vegetables are generally good for the human body, not all vegetables fall in line with the Keto Diet. The only vegetables you should be consuming while on this diet are low-starch vegetables. These include Brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale, and cauliflower.

Low-starch vegetables are not only low in carbohydrates, but they're also packed with beneficial nutrients. By eating them on a regular basis, you stand to burn calories and protect yourself against disease.

15. Tea

The vast majority of teas are great for those on the Keto Diet. Not only does tea contain zero carbs, but it also provides a bevy of health benefits.

If you're looking for a healthy beverage with a bit of flavor, it's a great one to reach for.

Looking for More Diet Tips?

Truthfully, there are all kinds of tasty things to eat on Keto Diet. The foods discussed above are only a small sample of what you have available to you.

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