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Songs of The Summer: What Should be On Your Playlist

May 15, 2019

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It seems as though the best summers are ones punctuated by iconic songs. If we can do a good job choosing music for different seasons, events, and moods, we can really improve the quality of those things.

So, while you're planning out road trips, grill outs, and parties for the summer, consider curating a playlist to supplement your summer fun! We're going to go over a few of the best songs of summer, new and old, for you to throw into the mix.

Essential Songs for Your Summer Playlist

Sometimes the radio station just doesn't do the trick, and you need to break away from the humdrum music that's floating along the airwaves. There's no shortage of music out there, and with the access of the internet, you can explore millions of artists and refine your taste.

We highly recommend that you do some digging through the web and explore different genres, opening up your eyes to new ideas and sounds that you might not have heard.

With that said, summer has its own set of music criteria. You want a selection of songs that are light, uplifting, and positive. A haunting classical piece isn't quite what you think of when you're laying on the beach in the sun.

We're going to offer up a few classic suggestions, along with some new music you might enjoy, to get you moving down the line with your summer tunes.

1. Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles

It would difficult to name a band with better summer songs than The Beatles. The wonderful harmonies of John and Paul, complimented by the guitar of George and Ringo's drumming can hardly be beaten.

Most of The Beatles' music is beloved, and you can't really go wrong with any of their albums. If you're looking for a particular song to brighten your playlist, though, Here Comes the Sun is one that stands alone.

If you're from a town with particularly rough winters, playing this song will unite everyone in welcoming summer to brighten those snowy blues.

2. Cissy Strut - The Meters

No one can have a bad time in the presence of some really great funk music. Funk music is hit or miss sometimes, we'll grant you that, but you can't go wrong with The Meters.

The band is considered one of the greatest foundational funk bands of all time, and many of their songs are sampled and replicated in modern music. Their song, Cissy Strut, is one that will brighten the mood and get everyone more involved in whatever they're doing.

This is a great song to play during sporting events like volleyball or football. As a general rule, when there's physical activity involved, it won't hurt to throw on some funk.

3. Like a Ship - Pastor T.L. Barrett and the Youth Choir

Pastor Barrett unites with his magnificent youth choir to churn out some of the greatest modern gospel songs ever recorded. The music blends funk, gospel, and R&B.

The result is something almost universally uplifting and groovy. If you're looking for something with a Christian message and a beat, we highly recommend taking a peek at the song Like a Ship.

4. Salad Days - Mac Demarco

Mac Demarco is commonly referred to as one of the pioneers of modern indie rock. His sound is iconic and has spurred inspiration for most young guitar players today.

Most of the music on his albums remain in the same vein; it's uplifting, goofy, whimsical, quality, and thought-provoking. In other words, kind of the way you want your summer to be.

The song, Salad Days is the title track of Demarco's most popular album. It details the life of a young adult who, for better or worse, has to grow up and deal with life while retaining optimism. This is something that many of us can relate to!

As this music is relatively new, our suggestion is that you get a nice pair of headphones and check it out! Modern music is often created with the use of headphones in mind, as opposed to music of the past which was meant to be heard through vinyl.

5. Pink Moon - Nick Drake

Nick Drake is a singer-songwriter from the '70s who created some of the most beautiful, iconic, peaceful music of his time. The lyrical content and guitar playing are both superb, but they unite to create atmospheric music that's great for relaxing in the summer.

We don't recommend playing this music if you're trying to get really rowdy and party the night away. If, however, you're planning on sitting near the lake, relaxing and having a great conversation or two, Pink Moon is a great place to start with Drake's music.

He only had the chance to put out three albums before he passed away, so you don't have to spend too much time digging through the discography. Each album is in the same pocket as the last, and if you like one, you won't be disappointed by the others.

6. Create Different Atmospheric Playlists

One summer playlist won't be enough to capture each feeling or situation that you'll find yourself in this summer. We suggest that you make a few playlists to cover different moods.

For example, a playlist for going out on the lake will be different than your playlist for bonfires. As you comb through music to put on your lists, try and scatter the songs you like into respective categories.

Some relaxing, some exciting, you'll find that songs are better when they're played in context with other songs like them. A playlist wouldn't be enjoyable if the intense tracks were punctuated with extremely delicate ones.

You do you, though. Whatever kind of music you feel like adding to your summer, go for it and enjoy!

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