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5 of the Cheapest Fence Options for Your Home

May 16, 2019

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Whether your goal is to keep out pests, nosy neighbors, or just to add a nice decor element to your backyard space, you're ready to install fencing. 

But just because you're interested in privacy doesn't mean that you're willing to spend half of your savings account in order to get it. You're in the market for affordable fence types, preferably even kinds you can install or at least repair on your own. 

After all, you've built your own solar panels - so why not build your own fence? 

In this post, we'll fill you in on several different types of fences that will get the job done without breaking your budget. 

1. Split Rail and Mesh

Especially if you keep a few animals in your backyard, we know that you're looking for fence types that will prevent them from escaping - or from wandering into your neighbor's backyard. 

Whether you keep chickens, a pet pig, or a dog at home, a split rail and mesh fence is a great option. 

These are made up of wooden posts with two parallel rails running across them. Fill in the "gaps" between the rails and the ground using mesh. To keep the posts secure in the ground, fill the hole with either gravel or concrete. 

This guide is an excellent resource for those who are interested in going to the DIY route. 

Of course, keep in mind that, given their transparent nature and short height, these aren't ideal for privacy. The same goes if you want to be certain that curious children won't climb over it. 

2. Use Horizontal Planks

Maybe you're looking for types of fencing that focus on privacy, and that give you a bit more height than the split rail option we mentioned above. 

Your best case scenario is to use horizontal wooden plants, closely spaced, to create a kind of a wall around your property. To dress it up a bit more, you can even leave a bit more room between the planks to allow for vines to crawl over the fence. 

Be sure that you stain the wood with a weatherproof finish. 

These horizontal planks are usually best for creating smaller privacy "screens" around certain areas of your backyard. They work well for blocking out prying eyes from your hot tub or swimming pool, for example. 

3. Try Corrugated Metal

Especially if you're interested in sleek and modern types of fences for yards, you can use corrugated metal to create an industrial look. 

This is a great choice for those who have more serious privacy concerns, and for those with young children that may be able to climb over shorter or wooden fences. 

In between the sheets of corrugated metal, you can use wood to create support beams and posts. If you're concerned about things looking a bit too harsh, you can soften up the space by adding shelving units or wooden ledges. 

Put candles, ferns and potted plants, or even small potted herb gardens on the ledges. 

4. Go For a Tiki Look

Are you on the hunt for fencing material that lets your tropical style shine through? 

If your concerns are mostly aesthetic (or just to serve as a gentle reminder to neighbors that seem to edge ever-closer to your property line) try using a herringbone screen for privacy. 

It's a perfect way to "dress up" a chain-link fence if you're tired of looking at wiring all day.

If you're looking for more ways to camouflage your chain link fence, you can use fence slats, reed screens, or even a mesh privacy screen to get the job done. 

Who says form and function can't go hand in hand?

5. Go with a Prefab Option

OK, so maybe building a wooden fence from the ground up isn't exactly your thing. In some cases, you may prefer to have more design options when it comes to a perimeter fence. 

In this case, it's best to choose a prefabricated fence. 

Vinyl or aluminum fencing material will give you the most bang for your buck here.

You can install it yourself to cut costs - or enlist the help of your neighbors for a few bucks. However, depending on your sense of personal style, you may not like the look of vinyl or aluminum. 

We suggest that you try PVC prefabricated fencing, which is the same plastic that's used to create pipes for plumbing. 

PVC comes in lots of different color and style options, and there are even some prefab options that are designed to mimic the look of wood. 

It's one of the most affordable fencing options out there today, and it's also known for its durability. Plus, unlike wood or some of the other materials on this list, PVC fencing's color won't change over time. 

This means you won't have to set aside a weekend to repaint your fence. You can always power wash it at the end of each year to keep it looking fresh and new. 

Try These Low-Cost Fence Types Today

You don't have to shell out more than you can afford to just to get a little privacy and security. 

Instead, try any of these fence types to get a look you'll love - and that no one will believe was so affordable. 

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We're here to help you make sure you always know how to create the home of your dreams, both spiritually and when it comes to your decor. 

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