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7 Eye-Opening Task Management Tips for A Cost-Efficient Business

May 16, 2019

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These days, Americans are working more than ever. They're not getting more done, though.

Forty-two percent of Americans work late to try and complete everything they need to complete in a day. Forty-six percent also skip their lunch breaks to try and get more done.

If this sounds familiar to you and you're still not as productive as you'd like to be, you might need to start working smarter instead of working harder.

The key to doing this is changing the way you manage your time and your to-do list.

Read on to learn ten task management tips that will help you and your employees get more done during the day.

1. Stop Multi-Tasking

If you want to get more done in your career, you need to change the way you tackle your to-do list.

Many people have a tendency to try to multi-task - especially women. Here's the issue, though. Most people aren't great at multi-tasking, no matter how they view themselves and their skills.

Instead of trying to focus on several different things at once and doing a pretty good job of managing them, what if you focused on one task and gave it your undivided attention?

You'd probably get that one task done sooner and be able to move onto the next one more quickly. This, in turn, will likely result in you clearing your entire to-do list more easily.

2. Turn Off Notifications

It's hard to get anything done during the day if your phone or computer is always dinging with new notifications.

To minimize distractions and avoid responding to every single text and email that comes your way, do yourself a favor and turn off notifications on your devices.

You'll be amazed at how much easier it is to work uninterrupted when you do this.

When you turn off notifications, it helps to schedule a specific time each day to check your emails and texts. This allows you to be fully present and respond more thoughtfully to those who are communicating with you.

You might want to set up and auto-responder that lets people know when you check emails each day and when you'll likely get back to them.

3. Ditch Your Phone

Turning off notifications on your phone is a great way to avoid distractions while you're working.

If you want to take things a step further, though, why not eliminate your phone altogether. Put it in a desk drawer or even leave it in your car so that you're not tempted to glance at it during the day. 

Many of us reach for our phone without even thinking when we're bored or aren't enjoying what we're doing. If our phone isn't easily accessible, though, it'll be much easier to break this habit.

4. Eat the Frog First

This is a popular saying, and it can be very helpful to people who struggle with their productivity. When someone says this, they mean that you should do the most difficult, unpleasant task on your to-do list first.

This task is the frog that you're supposed to eat. By eating the frog first, you can move on to the rest of the items on your to-do list knowing that the hardest thing is accomplished.

This provides a sense of relief and can be very empowering. You've already eaten the frog - everything else will likely seem easy by comparison.

5. Get Up and Move

Often, when people have a hard time staying productive throughout the day, they convince themselves that they need to stay chained to their desk.

They assume that, by doing this, they'll break through their productivity plateau and get through all their work.

In reality, the opposite of this is often true. People are usually more productive when their activity level increases.

Try to get up and move once every hour (or even every 30 minutes) for a couple of minutes at a time. Take a walk to the water cooler or deliver a note to your coworker instead of sending an email.

These little bursts of activity help to break up your day and make it easier for you to be more creative and productive.

6. Break Up Tasks into Smaller Pieces

If you have a big project you're working on, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and not know where to start.

To overcome this anxiety, try breaking down the project into smaller, more manageable tasks. Set yourself a specific deadline for each task and evaluate your progress when each deadline arrives.

According to this complete guide, this is the same approach that Scrum masters use to get work done in a more efficient way. It works for them, and it can work for you, too.

7. Schedule Time for Distractions 

There are so many different things vying for our attention these days.

Social media, online gaming, shopping, more TV shows on Netflix than you could ever possibly watch - it's no wonder we're having a hard time getting things done while we're at work!

If you find that you get distracted easily and aren't being as productive as you'd like to be, it's helpful to schedule some time for your distractions.

Block off 30 minutes at some point during your day to scroll through social media or plan for an hour of TV-watching when you get home from work.

If you know when you're going to have an opportunity to do these things, you'll be less likely to turn to them on a whim throughout the day.

Learn More Business Task Management Tips Today

As you can see, there are lots of steps you can take to help yourself and your staff be more productive during the day.

Keep these task management tips in mind and pass them on to your employees so that everyone can figure out a strategy that helps them to be as productive as possible.

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