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Why Study The Hebrew Names Of God?

May 17, 2019

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How well do you know God? The answer is the same for everyone: not as well as you could. 

Since God is infinite, there are infinite things to learn about Him. So while no one could ever comprehend Him fully, everyone has room to learn more about Him.

That's why everyone can benefit from studying the Hebrew names of God. Studying the many names of God means studying the different aspects of God Himself.

Do you want to know God more? Then keep reading to learn the benefits of knowing the Hebrew names of God.

1. Understand the Original Meaning

These are the many names God was referred to by the people closest to Him. Studying these names lets us see how the original readers and characters of the Old Testament understood the God they served. Consequently, this deepens our own understanding of God as well.

2. Get a Different Perspective of God

Many people have a hard time reading and understanding the Old Testament. Parts may seem unnecessary or bizarre.

These misunderstandings lead some to believe that Old Testament God is an angry hothead, quite the opposite of the forgiving side of God showcased in the New Testament. But studying the Hebrew names of God in these texts make it clear this isn't the case at all.

God's Hebrew names all acknowledge the greatness, righteousness, and hands-on compassion of God. These include:

  • Elohim (Creator God)
  • El Shaddai (Lord God Almighty)
  • El Roi (The God Who Sees Me)
  • Yahweh Rophe (The Lord Heals)
  • Yahweh Yireh (The Lord will Provide)

You can see more names of God in this informative article, and they all make the same statement. These names clearly show that the ancient Hebrews still acknowledged the goodness of God n o matter what horrible things were happening around them.

3. Develop a Worshipful Association of God

When you get to know God by these names, you start believing them more, too. Without this understanding, the term "God" is about as meaningful as any other first name, like "Bob" or "Joe." 

But once you get these Hebrew names of God in your head, "God" starts to mean a lot more to you. When you learn to know Him as "The God Who Sees Me and Heals Me and Provides for Me," your mind begins to associate these things with God whenever you think of Him. You're setting up a habitually worshipful attitude toward God. 

4. God Told Us To

Besides, God expressly commands us to meditate on his Word day and night, to gain a deeper understanding of Him, His ways, and His intentions for us. What better way is there to know God more than to understand the way His chosen people knew Him?

Studying the Hebrew Names of God

Learn the Hebrew names of God so you may know Him as those who experienced His miracles firsthand knew Him. If you never have before, make the Hebrew names of God the focus of your next Bible study.

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