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Until Death Do Us Part: A Look at Rising Rates of Divorce in Today's Societ

May 17, 2019

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50% of the US population is married or has been married at least once by the time that they turn 28. That number means that millions of couples are tying the knot every year.

While the union of people sounds like something to celebrate, unfortunately, there's a catch... There's a good chance that couples that get married today will break their matrimonial vows and walk out of each other's lives.

It used to be that people would have non-serious discussions about the rising divorce rate in the US. Now, given how high rates have gotten, being well versed in divorce information is something that all couples should take the time to become so that they can prepare.

Below, we dive deep into divorce in today's society by disclosing divorce rates and reasons.

How High is the Divorce Rate Today?

We've seen the divorce rate go up in the US steadily over the last few decades. After years of climbing, today, the divorce rate sits at 40 - 50% according to the American Psychological Association.

And that's just for your first marriage mind you!

Every time you remarry, your odds of getting divorced go up even higher. How much higher you ask?

By the time you're on your third marriage, the odds of you getting divorced from that person is 73%.

Were Divorce Rates Always Like This?

We already mentioned that divorce rates have gone up over the years. It's interesting to know though just how much divorce rates have risen in order to put today's numbers into context.

Comparing divorce in today's society against divorce in the 1950s, couples splitting up have gone up by roughly 30%.

You read that right. Divorce rates in the 1950s hovered around 20%.

Is Time The Only Factor?

Time has had a tremendous impact on divorce rates for a variety of reason that we'll discuss in a moment. Another thing that has a big effect on divorce in today's society though is education.

People with college degrees are much less likely to get divorced than married couples that are not educated beyond a high school level.

There are a lot of theories as to why that correlation exists. The consensus among most analysts is that less educated people tend to rush into marriage more quickly than people who go to school.

Furthermore, money may become a more contentious issue among less educated people than among those that went to college.

Why Exactly Have Divorce Rates Gone Up?

What has happened over the last 60 years that has changed our vision of what marriage is supposed to be? A number of things...

Fewer Kids

Birth rates are dropping in the United States which means couples are much less likely to share children than they were in the 1950s. Without children in a relationship, couples tend to have less of a reason to try and work through their problems.

Reduction in Religious Ties

The majority of America shares our vision of there being a god and identifies as religious. Let's face it though, people aren't abiding by religious tenants the same way that they were 50+ years ago.

This gradual falling away from religion has taken the holy pressure out of keeping marriages together for many couples. That lack of pressure, again, makes divorce a more immediate possibility.

Dating Options Have Boomed

It used to be hard to find a partner. Today, that couldn't be further from the truth.

With the prevalence of dating apps, finding a date is as easy as tapping a few things on a phone screen. That access to people has caused partners to value one another less since they know that somebody else is waiting just outside of the door.

Higher Independence Among Females

In the 1950s, many females were homemakers. That status created a level of financial dependency in couples where women couldn't walk out on their husbands without facing a number of financial issues.

Today, women work the same kinds of jobs that men do. Since women are consequently more financially independent, money struggles aren't as big of a consideration when filing for divorce.

Polarizing Politics

One of the biggest emerging factors that is affecting divorce in today's society is politics. America finds itself in state of political turmoil where people of opposing views are talking less and judging one another more.

This status has led many couples to break away from their relationships due to the fact that many see disagreement as a good reason for disassociation.

Divorces Are Easier Than Ever to Get

Search "divorce lawyer" and you'll turn up a number of people that are ready to help step you through ending your relationship. That ease of access to divorce services wasn't always the case.

In many ways, the lessened effort that it takes to push through a divorce today makes it a lot more of an attractive option to couples that aren't seeing eye to eye.

Closing Out Our Analysis of Divorce in Today's Society

Divorce in today's society paints a somber picture for couples that are getting ready to walk down the aisle.

If you're interested in getting married and don't want to end up becoming part of the divorce statistic, do your best to never get married unless you're feeling very confident in your relationship.

By forcing yourself down the aisle, you're setting yourself up for a world of frustration.

If you're looking for more information on divorce and other subjects that are frequently discussed in religious settings, do yourself a favor and start becoming active in the community today!