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The Best Things About Living in the South

May 17, 2019

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The United States has enough natural beauty, culture, and opportunity for five countries all on its own. Each region comes equipped with its own set of characteristics that make it entirely unique.

While there are merits to moving anywhere in the country, we're going to focus in on the south in this article. Life in the south is often said to move at a slower pace- people are relaxed and take time to enjoy the finer points of life.

If you're thinking about living in the south, we're going to list some perks that might nudge you in the right direction.

The Benefits of Living in the South

It's hard to list off the best parts about an area when there's just so much to talk about. This list will by no means be exhaustive.

So, if a number of these things strike your fancy, be sure to do some browsing and explore the other wonders available to you in the south. Let's get started:

The Geographical Variety

"The south" isn't just one thing. It's many things. There are many geographic differences, a variety of cultures, and a lot of different environments to support your life and career.

Any idealized version of southern living you have might have some grounding in reality, but it is by no means a caricature of itself. You'll find a number of cities with vibrant nightlife and culture, in addition to a wealth of opportunities for people who want to live in a more simple manner.

In fact, the south constitutes sixteen of the states in America. From the far-western tip of Texas to the state of Maryland and everything in between, the region covers a space that's home to over 122 million people.

Wherever you land in that vast region, you'll have the chance to explore a wealth of natural beauty. From the Blue Ridge Mountains over the Texas Hill Country, you'll have room to roam so long as you bring your hiking shoes.

The south also covers a great deal of the coastal land in the United States. So, if the ocean is your thing, you have a number of options at your disposal. These condos, for example, are within arm's reach of the ocean shore.

The Vibrant Cultures

Southern people are so diverse and widespread that the culture naturally mirrors those facts. There is no one type of southern culture.

Mexican American culture is strongly rooted in the south, and this gives rise to a wonderful arrangement of musical styles, restaurants, demographics, and more. Urban centers are home to powerful and influential musical styles, ever-emerging from different places in the south.

Just take a scan of the south and look at the infamous cultural events that take place within its bounds. One, specifically, stands out- mardi gras.

Mardi gras is an event that's traditionally imagined taking place in New Orleans on Bourbon Street. Mardi gras rises out of the fact that there's a historically French population in New Orleans.

Mardi gras emerges from the Creole people, who are descendants of the region when the land of Louisiana was subject to the rule of the French and Spanish. The remnants of those cultural influences have resulted in a culture that is entirely its own.

While it's a blend of unique and disparate cultures, creole culture stands alone in its authenticity.

The Music

Southern rap, for example, is one of the most respected iterations of rap music in the world. You can't forget that genres like bluegrass, country, and whisperings of folk music are home to parts of the south.

Without those genres, we wouldn't have the music that we do today. Nashville is still one of the music hubs of the world, pumping out fantastic American music all of the time.

The south, one could argue, is where rock and roll emerged from the blues. Robert Johnson, a Mississippi man, is said to have sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads in order to obtain his extraordinary musical talent. He is the man who coined the foundational styles of guitar and singing that would evolve into rock and roll.

The simple fact that there's so much cultural history in the south makes it a place that artists and creatives come to explore what's available. Hubs like Nashville are a must-see if you're considering a career in music.

The Food

Talk to anyone who was raised in the south and they will give you a laundry list of foods that either they or their parents could make better than anyone else.

It might seem impossible that everyone in the south is the best at cooking every kind of food, but don't try to tell that to a southerner. Something about the food in the south hits home and tastes better than it should.

The exceptional cuisine is largely a result of so many converging and emerging cultures. There's influence from the times of colonial French and Spanish presence, there's an African and African American influence, Mexican influence, and much more.

It's hard to tell where one culture's cuisine ends and another begins. One thing is for certain, though- it's all soul food. It's food that feeds the soul and just might heal it as well.

The People

It's one thing to look at cultures on a macro level. When you dig down and meet individuals from the south, though, you'll find that you're in good company. Southerners are generally kind and considerate people.

The media often does a disservice to the character of southern people. In reality, they are ready to sit down with you, enjoy your company, make you a meal, and make sure that you feel safe and welcome.

Don't Forget the Spirituality

One thing you'll find when living in the south is that people who are spiritual are very engaged with god as they see it.

This is a powerful thing, and it's our recommendation that people, wherever they are, take steps to engage with their higher power. Explore our site for inspiration on everything thing from your higher power to finding some new land to roam.