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5 Simple Home Painting Tips and Tricks That'll Make Your Living Space Shine

May 20, 2019

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Unsatisfied with the current look of your interior? One of the low-cost ways to do this is by having it painted.

If you look at the average costs for such a job, the typical range runs at $966 to $2,726. Painting an average size room of 10 x 12 should run you between $380 and $790, minus the ceilings.

In case you are planning to take on such a project yourself, you need to know how to prepare and where to start. Here are some interior painting tips and tricks to get you working on it.

1. Paint in Dry Weather

To start with these painting tips and tricks, let’s look at the ideal weather for painting. You want the paint to set and dry after applying. To ensure this happens, paint the surface when you have dry weather.

The problem with humidity is that it slows down the drying process and paint might drip. There’s a plus side to this, however. When painting during humid weather, like on a rainy day, you can correct mistakes.

2. Clean Surfaces for a Stronger Bond

For paint to stick well, it needs a clean surface. This prevents the paint from chipping or peeling off. To accomplish this, you need a deglosser or a heavy duty cleaner meant for pre-paint cleaning.

While you are at it, make sure to fill up the holes and nicks. After that, sand the surface until smooth. This should give you a surface ready for painting.

3. Tape Edges for Perfect Finish

When using roller brushes, the challenge is ensuring you have smooth edges without any overruns. To create a perfect finish on a wall, for instance, make sure to have the tape applied on the edges first to protect those zones.

Upon painting, remove the tape. It should allow you to have a clean edge.

4. Make Sure to Prime the Surface

Before painting the walls, consider priming and texturing the wall. By doing this, you can avoid ugly patches or a botched finish. This tends to be the case in cracks or holes patched with a filler and drywall compound, then applied with paint.

The problem here is the uneven finish. To prevent these problems, apply a primer on the repaired portion of the surface.

This guarantees an even sheen on the paint job.

5. When in Doubt, Hire a Skilled Professional

Now, in the event that you are in doubt about your painting skills, or you might be a bit too busy to work on this, you can always call for professionals to work on it.

Consider getting a painting contractor. They can assess the type of surface that needs paint work and they will get the job done accordingly.

Another benefit is the fact you can enjoy your day while the contractors do the work. You can sit back and enjoy music or your home theater system and not have to worry about the paint work. 

Use These Painting Tips and Tricks Today!

With the right colors and the right preparations, you can bring out the best look out of the wall. Just pick the style that you want on those surfaces and visualize what you want to achieve. These painting tips and tricks should give you a way to accomplish them.

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