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5 Reasons Why The Best Python Course Has To Be Learned

May 21, 2019

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Are you planning on mastering Python for data science? Do you want to know about the major benefits of taking up the best online course for Python? Well, we’ve got a concise but detailed list for you.

As of 2014, 70% of introductory programming courses in American universities taught Python. It’s not that big of a surprise why the programming language became so popular too. With Python’s flexibility, it’s gotten far up the top programming languages ladder.

It’s important to start looking for the best Python course. Already, Python is ranking higher than the long-standing programming languages like Java and C++.

Below, we’ll give you 5 main reasons why you need to start taking the best Python courses out there.

1. High Demand and Pay for Python Developers

In the past couple of years, the popularity of Python spiked among programmers. It may be because of the iterative, agile design or something else in this list. Either way, the demand for Python developers rose high.

Along with that high demand, the average salary for Python developers rose as well. If you noticed, Python engineers have higher pay than WordPress web developers. Now, it’s one of the top-paying programming languages in the country.

The average salary of a Python developer goes up to $103,492. Monthly, there are 7,732 jobs advertised. It’s only a little bit behind Ruby and after C++ and Java.

With that said, tech salaries differ from state to state. Some states may pay a Python engineer up to $116,000 per year. As far as we know, Connecticut pays the highest at $142,167, followed by California and New York.

States with the lowest pays for Python engineers include Nebraska and Michigan. The average salaries for Python developers in those states only go up to a little over $82,000. If you plan to get a career as a Python developer, you’d best move to Connecticut for the highest paying salary.

2. The Best Python Course Makes the Language Easy to Learn

Now that we’ve established how high the demand for Python users is, let’s talk about the learning curve. The programming language is easy to understand and get the hang of. This is one more reason why it’s so popular.

The syntax of Python is clean and readable. The language’s readability and efficiency allow users to focus on the job and not on the code. This is also why many universities in the US teach this as an introductory language.

It’s simple enough for complete newbies to learn, too. Even if you had little to no programming experience, you can make a quick study off of Python. You can look up Python programming courses online or take one in your local university.

If you’re looking for the best online data science course, Python is a good language to master. Many scholars, researches, and data scientists use it. One main reason is that Python deals with tabular, matrix, and statistical data.

You can even look up guides online if you don’t want to take full courses. As a note, remember to look up guides and courses for version 3 of Python. Python’s version 2 is old and outdated.

3. Community is Rich with Resources

Like Java, Python has so many resources and modules available for you. Its sheer number of open libraries makes data science easy and simple. Python boosts your efficiency and workflow speed with its massive resources base.

It has built-in testing frameworks that allow you to work on debugging faster. Your workflow also gets sped up thanks to the many tools and cross-platform testing.

That’s not all that’s great about Python. The language has a strong and open-source community that existed since its first release in 1991. Thanks to the many enthusiasts worldwide, the language evolved well and gained popularity.

If you want to contribute new modules and packages for other users, you can. You can look up Python enhancement proposals (PEPs) on the website. It’s where the user base often participates and refers back to.

It’s also important to note that Python is under open source license development. This means you can use it for commercial use for free. You can use it for your business without worrying about legal issues.

4. A Flexible, General-Purpose Language

Why learn Python when you can make use of other programming languages? Other than its gentle learning curve and open-source community, it is cross-functional. That means you can use it to do anything a programming language is capable of.

This includes being able to create and host a website. To ease the process, you can also use web frameworks like Django and Flask for Python. Python analyzes data and gives you recommendations too.

The best online Python course will teach you how to best use Python with traffic data. You will learn to use Python to track and analyze website traffic data. You can use Splunk or Google Analytics with it as well.

For example, you want to create a website for a digital magazine. You work with a team of developers to create this website. With Python, you can all “speak” the same language and have no trouble “communicating” with each other.

5. Python as a Scripting Language + Automation

Now, let’s say you want to run scripts to execute mundane tasks automatically, without supervision. Pro tip: you can also use Python as a scripting language.

Write code in the form of scripts and execute it. Your machine will be able to read and interpret the code. The error-checking process happens during Runtime.

That’s not all Python does. Python is fueling scientific programming now. It’s the leading programming language used for AI and machine learning.

Start Learning the Language

That’s it for our top reasons why you should learn the best Python course. Python is easy to learn but it’s still wise to practice to code every day. Also, contributing to the open source will be a great way to develop your skills and give back to the community.

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