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Skin Making You Scream? 7 Perfect Skin Routines to Clear It Up

May 21, 2019

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As many preach the gospel of serums, masks, and beauty regimens, the skincare industry is booming with variety to attend to the needs of people with different skin types. Everyone wants to get rid of that acne, those black marks, and have that smooth glowing perfect skin.

Taking care of your skin is important. Just as your body will benefit from massage therapy, and your teeth benefit from cosmetic dentistry, your skin will benefit from a proper routine.

Many commonly desire the acclaimed Korean glass skin. Great skin is not just about DNA and your genes. Looking into product reviews, doctor’s recommendations, and what Instagram models are vouching for, you could have a myriad of options to take with your skin.

7 Perfect Skin Routines to Clear It Up

Skincare is a very personal process. You need to filter through all the information given to you and decide on what works for you. However, some skin routines are tested, tried, and proven to work for various skin types. You should also understand the skin-care products’ order of application for skincare products, or read this article

Here are 7 routines that will help clear up your skin.

1. Double Cleansing

Sleeping with makeup on can clog your pores as you sleep and result in the development of acne. During the day, your skin accumulates oxidative stress.

Removing it at the end of the day gives you an opportunity to recover from these insults. Therefore, to rid yourself of breakouts and hastened the aging process, you need to remove your wake up before you sleep.

Double cleansing involves removing makeup using an oil-based cleanser. Follow up the process with a water-based facewash to complete the process.

However, skin types are different. Companies often release products for all skin types. Choose both a makeup remover and a face wash formulated specifically for your skin type. This will ensure that you maintain your skin’s PH balance without causing dry skin.

2. Use Moisturizer

Moisturizing your skin reduces the chance of you having skin problems. It helps you retain balance. If your skin is dry, or oily, your skin may suffer from various problems, including breakouts, rashes, and acne. If your skin is dry, you will likely need to moisturize constantly.

Moisturize helps reduce the appearance of blemishes on your skin. It gives your skin a healthy sheen. Some moisturizers have self-tanner, which can work with any type of skin.

Moisturizing will also help your skin remain young. Some of your sensitive parts of your skin replace themselves more often than others do. However, this daily loss of skin cells causes them to be vulnerable to various elements and dryness.

Moisturizing your skin can help you boost your skin to give it the boost it needs to repair itself.

3. Hydrate

Given that our skin is mostly water, it is no surprise then that water is extremely important to maintaining healthy skin. It will keep your skin subtle. Water helps get rid of skin toxins and combat acne. Staying hydrated slows down your aging process by maintaining the elasticity of your skin and fighting wrinkles.

Drinking water can help you clear your complexion and give you brighter skin. If your body is dehydrated, your skin becomes dry and flaky. Hydration destroys blemishes.

When you drink water, your skin will likely become elastic, plastic and have a glow. It will also help you reduce or eliminate breakouts. While moisturizers can act as a quick fix, drinking water is like playing the long game.

4. Exfoliation

As you age, your cell regeneration slows down, meaning that your body sheds skin cells and generates new ones slowly. When the old cells pile up on the skin’s surface, your skin begins to look dull and dry. It can also lead to building up of excess oil and clogged pores, which can cause you to develop acne.

Exfoliation removes the barrier of dead skin cells, which are clogging your skin. It helps uncover the fresh new cells underneath. This helps open up the way for moisturizing products to penetrate deeper into your skin, making them more effective.

Adding it to your regular routine helps keep your skin looking fresh and healthy.
You can exfoliate using abrasive scrubs. You can also choose chemical scrubs which contain some kinds of acids that dissolve and remove your dead skin cells without using a scrub.

5. Toning

Toning should be after cleansing, and before adding anything else. The exfoliation process makes your skin ready for toning.

Ensure your hands are clean when you touch your face at all and more so when applying toner.

Toners help replenish and nourish your skin. It reduces your pore size. Since toners reset your skins PH balance, they refresh your skin from within. In addition, toning will help remove any parts of dirt, oil, and debris, which your cleanser has left behind.

It will also help soothe your skin. It is therefore important to do it twice daily to receive optimum results. You should use a gentle non-alcoholic toner that closes your pores. It also softens our skin and plumps it up.

6. Essence

In skincare, essence is an easy addition with great benefits, yet it’s not time intensive. You do it by adding some drops into your palms and press them to your face until it absorbs them fully.

The heat in your hands and the gentle pressure can help the product penetrate your skin as it boosts circulation. It addresses many common skin concerns. It uses brightening, hydrating, or firming.

Essence is a nourishing liquid with some nutrients that the skin needs. They help increase cell turnover, elasticity and revitalize the skins. While different skin types require different ingredients, water is the main ingredient, making it quite hydrating and light.

It gets absorbed easily and the brightening is instant.

7. Treating with Serums

Serums are an important consideration for your skin care routine. Their active ingredients make them important in combating issues like wrinkles and dark spots. Even if your skin is doing fine, you will benefit from a general antioxidant serum to help you protect your skin from daily aggressors.

They restore cell growth. In addition, they restore cell growth. They provide your skin with anti-aging prevention and help you work out complaints such as dry and oily skin.

The Key to Perfect Skin Is a Great Skin Care Routine

In your quest for perfect skin, using the right products, in the right order can help clear up blemishes and acne. You need to treat your skin the way you do the rest of your body. Investing in your skin something, you will never regret.

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