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7 Common Dreams and What They Supposedly Mean

May 22, 2019

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Everyone dreams, even if you don't remember doing it! Dreaming is a universal experience that can occur at any stage of sleep. But, dreams are most common during the deep-sleep stage, also known as REM sleep.

Dreams help us to process events in our waking life. And often the symbols present in dreams reveal something about our subconscious thoughts or feelings. 

In dreams, we can work through the problems we experience in our waking life. Or find reprieve from the stresses of mundane life.

Certain themes appear time and again in people's dreams. These common dream themes can reveal parts of our subconscious. Keep reading to explore the top 7 themes in dreams and find out what they mean!

1. Dreams of Falling

Falling is a universal dream experience - almost everyone's experienced a falling dream in their lives. So what does it mean when you are plummeting to your death night after night?

These jarring nightmares indicate that you feel out of control in your life. A dream where you are falling can be a manifestation of a fear of failure or losing control.

You could be struggling with work, finances or a relationship. No matter what it is, if it contributes to you feeling out of control it could be causing this dream.

It is also common to dream about loved ones falling. If you're dreaming about someone you love falling it could mean you're afraid of letting them down in your real life. Or maybe you want to emulate them and you can't help but feel that you're 'falling short' of their example.

2. Dreams Where Your Teeth Fall Out

If you're dreaming about losing teeth you may have lost direction in your life. Or feel like you need some guidance and wisdom about how to approach your next steps.

These dreams could represent the cost of indecision. Perhaps you hesitated to make important life choices and now you're paying the price for your indecisiveness. Or you waited so long to make a choice that the only options available to you are dissatisfying.

Losing your teeth in a dream can also relate to the passage of time. Maybe you're fretting over getting older. Or your struggling with feeling like life passed you by. 

These kinds of dreams can also be symbols of growth from loss. As children, we lose our teeth to make space for new teeth. Losing your teeth in a dream could represent a symbolic purging in your life that is leading you to better things.

3. Dreams About Pregnancy

If babies are a recurring symbol in your dreams it could indicate a desire to bring children into your life in a literal sense. But more often these dreams symbolize new beginnings.

Infants symbolize vulnerability and fresh starts,

Dreams about birth and pregnancy foreshadow a "birth" new things into your life. You might be getting ready to start a new phase in your life. Or you may be craving a fresh beginning.

4. Dreams About Flying

Flying dreams are indicative of a high level of creativity and inspiration. If you're dreaming about flying you are probably feeling on top of the world in your waking life.

Flying dreams are pleasant and uplifting. And many people's flying dreams are lucid dreams. Which means they have some degree of control over the dream and its outcomes. Check out this article for more information about lucid dreaming.

Enjoy it! Take full advantage of your sleeping freedom and wake well rested and energized.

5. Dreams Where You're Being Chased

Have you ever dreamed you were being chased, but no matter how hard you tried you couldn't seem to run?

You're life literally depends on you fleeing to safety, but you're stuck in one spot. Or it feels like you're running in slow motion?

This common nocturnal theme points to a loss of control in your waking life. It also could be a sign that you are suffering from low self-esteem or poor self-image.

Being chased can also show that you are avoiding something in your daily life. It could be your brain subconsciously telling you to stop running and face your problem head on.

6. Dreams About Death

D eath is a symbol of change and rebirth. Sudden changes or big life transitions can inspire dreams about death. The uncertainty of what happens after death mirrors the uncertainty in your waking life.

If you dream of your own death it could mean that you are in the midst of spiritual or personal rebirth. It symbolizes the death of your old way of life or old you and the birth of the new you

These dreams point to the end of a phase in your life. And it indicates you are preparing to embark into new and uncharted territory.

If you dream about a loved one dying it could mean you're afraid of losing them. Maybe the relationship feels strained. Or the other person is drifting away.
These dreams can also represent the end of an important relationship. Or your changing feelings towards that person.

7. Dreams Where You Fail a Test

Dreams about exams are very common, especially among students. But if you graduated years ago why are you still dreaming about failing tests?

These kinds of dreams likely relate to your job. You may be afraid that you're going to fail at work. Or you might fear that something bad is going to happen during the workday ahead.

If you show up for the exam naked in the dream you could be feeling vulnerable at work. You may feel like everyone is waiting for you to mess up. Or like you are constantly coming up short in your performance.

If the dream involves you arriving late and unprepared for the exam you may feel like life is passing you by. Maybe you feel stuck and uninspired at your current job. Or unprepared to meet the challenges of your day to day duties.

Interpret Your Dreams 

Dreams are highly personal experiences. And at the end of the day, no one can tell you exactly what your dreams mean - they can only point you in the right direction. 

You have to analyze your dreams yourself to figure out what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Keep a dream journal to help you remember details before they fade away.

Have you experienced any of these common dream themes? Tell us about it in the comments.