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7 Things You Need to Know About Holding an Amazon Business Account

May 22, 2019

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Who doesn’t love Amazon? As one of the largest tech and e-commerce companies in the world, it is hard to say who. As Amazon continues to grow and evolve, new features and services are added to benefit different customer bases.

For example, one Amazon service that we have all grown to know and love is Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is the subscription service that gives its customers exclusive access to constant free two-day shipping and Amazon’s streaming music, videos, and movies. To receive the Amazon Prime service, you have to pay a monthly fee.

Another more recent Amazon service that we are going to focus on in this article is Amazon Business. Amazon Business is a service that business professionals can rely on them for their business transactions and purchases.

To ensure that all the business professionals reading this article understand what Amazon Business is, we are giving you a list detailing all the things you need to know if you choose to have an Amazon Business account.

Get ready, because it is time to get down to business!

1. What is Amazon Business and What is an Amazon Business Account?

Amazon Business is an Amazon feature and service that provides business purchasing solutions. An Amazon Business account is the free account used to purchase business supplies. Whether you are an employee of a small business or a large business, Amazon Business can be a useful tool for you.

Amazon Business allows you to create a free account to purchase business supplies. These supplies include everything from office chairs to IT equipment to janitorial supplies. Amazon Business even allows main administrators to create and remove company users.

Authorized Amazon Business users ensure that there is order and accountability in the purchases their company makes. Amazon Business tools such as approval workflows can also help manage purchases. 

Approval workflows gives notifications when someone purchases something. It also allows supervisors the chance to approve of company purchases.

 2. The Difference Between Amazon Business and Amazon Prime

Now I know you may be asking yourself, why do I need to create an Amazon Business account to buy business supplies when I can use Amazon Prime? You especially might be thinking this since Amazon Prime offers free two-day shipping.

Well, for one, you also can receive free two-day shipping with Amazon Business if you combine your Prime benefits with your Amazon Business account. In a sense, having an Amazon Business account is like having Amazon Prime for Business. In fact, access to two-day shipping of business supplies is called Business Prime Shipping.

Having an Amazon Business account is also great because it makes shopping for business supplies more efficient. This is because Amazon Business caters to the needs of businesses. For example, when you enter the Amazon Business home page you will immediately see images of office supplies, electronics, and software that you can purchase.

Also, Amazon Business provides exclusive services. For example, Amazon it gives its users the ability to talk through email or live chat to the manufacturers of boughten business products. Most importantly, having an Amazon Business account allows you to exclusively receive top of the line business supplies through discounted prices.

3. Amazon Business Price Savings

Like stated briefly earlier, you receive extraordinary discounts through Amazon Business pricing. In fact, if you are an Amazon Business account holder, you will receive price breaks on multi-unit purchases along with discounts on all Amazon Business products. You will even have the ability to request discounts from some sellers.

 4. Amazon Business Account Shipping Fees

If you are a single business account user, you can combine your Prime account with your business account to receive unlimited free two-day shipping on business supplies.  Like mentioned previously, we call the combination of the Prime benefit of two-day shipping with your Amazon Business account, Business Prime Shipping.

If you do not already have Amazon Prime, you can still add its shipping benefits to your Amazon Business account. The only difference is that the shipping benefits are then based on how many users, or employees, you have.

If you have up to 10 users, you will have to pay $499 a year to receive benefits. If you have up to 100 users, it will cost you $1299 per year, and if you have more than 100 users, it will cost you $10,099 per year. Before you commit to these shipping costs, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial.

 5. Payment Options

Any eventual payment that you make through your Amazon Business account will either be through an individual payment option or a shared payment option. Shared payment options are ones that use credit cards, debit cards, or an corporate credit line.

Shared payment options are used to consolidate the purchases of all the users from one company. An authorized user can also use the shared payment option to purchase items on behalf of his or her company. Amazon Corporate Credit Line also offers users and management employees payment options.

 6. Benefits of Amazon Business

Some of the benefits of Amazon Business that we previously mentioned include having business only pricing and extraordinary discounts. Another benefit of having an Amazon Business account is being able to have tax-exempt purchases.

Other benefits include being able to have multi-user accounts and being able to pre-approve company purchases through approval workflows. You also have the ability to purchase analytics and reports on everything and compare prices of business products. 

 7. Downsides of Amazon Business

A downside of Amazon Business is how narrowly business-minded the business sector of Amazon is. Although this is usually a benefit for business professionals, if you are not using the Amazon Business services entirely for business this could become a nuisance.

Because of this, it is suggested that only true business professionals utilize Amazon Business. To find out more about Amazon Business, do some online research about its services.

The Ultimate Amazon Business Review

Getting an Amazon Business account is ultimately up to you. Having one is wise for a business professional or company that is going to buy large amounts of business supplies regularly. This is because you can get the price savings, discounts, and benefits of Amazon Business.

If you know that you are not likely to buy many business supplies any time soon, then Amazon Business may not be for you.