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7 Types Of Gynecomastia in Men

May 22, 2019

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Male breast enlargement is called gynecomastia. It is common in men of all ages, from infants to teens to young adults and middle aged men. These are some of the symptoms of gynecomastia, as well as the types of gynecomastia out there.

1. Puffy Nipple Gynecomastia

This is the most common form of gynecomastia. There is an accumulation of glandular tissue that forms under the areola. Sometimes it may be slightly outside of the areola as well, which creates an areola that has a dome shaped appearance.

2. Pseudogynecomastia

Another name is false gynecomastia and may be due to obesity. This is adipose tissue. It looks like gynecomastia, but the treatment is different. Diet and exercise can be effective in treating it. If this does not work, then surgery may be required to get rid of man boobs fast. This condition can be improved with liposuction.

3. Asymmetric/Unilateral Gynecomastia

This is when one breast is larger than the other due to gynecomastia. Bilateral gynecomastia is when the disorder is present in both breasts, but the degree of the disorder in each is different.

4. Severe Gynecomastia

This is when there is saggy skin or an excess of skin. This can occur from age many times. A plastic surgeon will perform a aereolar incision to remove the excess and to try to lessen the scarring. However, scarring can still occur.

5. Adolescent Gynecomastia

Also called congenital or hereditary gynecomastia can appear as early as 9 to 18 years old in boys. 30 to 60 percent of boys have large male breasts. In some cases the disorder will worsen, while in others it goes away with age. However, surgical intervention can be required after consulting the child, parents and a doctor.

6. Pure Glandular Gynecomastia

Anabolic steroids especially Dianabol pills can produce this result in body builders. Excess testosterone from the steroids is converted to estrogen in many athletes and body builders. Pure gynecomastia can be treated with excision of the breast tissue. In a body builders this creates a flat nipple and areola.

7. Adult Gynecomastia

This is another very common form of gynecomastia in adult males. This is when the glandular tissue has different degrees or quantities of adipose and fibrous tissue.