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Indian E-Business Visa Overview

May 23, 2019

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E-Business Visa is an electronic documentation which allows the holder to involve in Business activities. Weather It can be a business meeting, conference or any important business deal. According to the current Indian  provision you can apply for an Indian E-Business Visa for 90 days stay and your E-Visa will be Validated for an year. During this One year period You can visit India For Business Concern again for next 90 days or a multiples times in a year.


If you want to apply an Indian E-Business Visa, you must keep in mind the following terms:

  1. The applicant passport must be valid for 6 months from the date of advent to the country.

  2. Passport may not be different from the applied passport.

  3. If you visit in group make sure each members have the different passport as the provision says individual applicant should have separate passport

When You can apply for an E-Business Visa India ?

  1. When You are looking for sale/Purchase or trade.

  2. When You want to start a business .

  3. When You have to attend a business meeting or any important deal.

  4. When You have to join any trade fair or any exhibition.

  5. When You are looking for a man power or wants to hire an Expert of any specialized character.


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