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How to remove malware from mobile devices?

Jun 25, 2019

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Whenever we talk about safety from malware infection; usually we are referring to PC devices because mobile phones are generally safer than desktops. But as you know, technology can be perfect. With the boom of growing technology and the internet, threats are also growing. Today phones are no longer safe from malware threats. Just a small piece of program code can cause huge damage.


Let's see what malware can do to your mobile device

The basic and prior target of malware is to get money. Malware such as spy-bots can steal your personal data, can install adware in your mobile phone which can monitor your downloads, net surfing activities, your favorite websites, etc. The malware steals your data for own purpose or sells the personal information to the dark web. Cybercriminals can also encrypt your data and then demands ransom money for decrypting it back.


Common signs of having malware on your mobile phone

Malware such as ransomware, spyware, worms, and Trojans hides inside your device and are very difficult to detect. You can manually detect them. But here are some factors or we can say changes which show that your device is under malware attack:

  1. Your mobile device will start working slowly
  2. You will start getting numerous pop-ups from time to time
  3. The loading time of applications will increase
  4. The battery will start draining faster
  5. Excessive data usage and large bills


What to do next?

The best way to check for any kind of malware infection is by installing an antivirus in your phone. If you are going to purchase an antivirus for your device then don't forget to check your device specifications. Always purchase the antivirus which is compatible with your device. Set your budget and then make of list of your required features and antivirus programs which are compatible with your device. Always check the ratings and reviews of antivirus. Check the features and tools of those antivirus programs. provides almost every feature and tool which is vital for device and data security. After installing the antivirus in your phone; provide a powerful full scan. Your security software detects all malware and other malicious threats from your device. You can also analyze your installed application with the help of App Advisor feature.


Now remove malware from your mobile phone

If you are sure about having malware in your phone then follow the given prevention methods which can protect your device from further damage:

1.   Shutdown your device and restart in safe mode. Hold the power button for five seconds and choose restart in safe mode option.

  1. Uninstall all suspicious application from your device

Go to app setting and uninstall the suspicious application. Never install any application which has poor ratings and reviews. If you have any application which seems suspicious then uninstall it quickly.

  1. Download good antivirus software in your Android device.


Some tips for preventing your mobile device from malware:

  1. The best and most common way of securing your device is installing robust antivirus security software.
  2. Make sure your all applications and OS is up to date.
  3. Always use a strong password.
  4. Avoid accessing unsecured public Wi-Fi. Using a VPN can be helpful.
  5. Never click on suspicious links and pop-ups.