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What are Computer Worms? How to prevent your device from Computer Worms?

Jun 29, 2019

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A computer worm is a malicious self-replication program which replicates speedily and infects the whole computer. Worms usually attack with the help of a computer network. Worms can spread out everywhere without human interaction.  


How worms are different from viruses?

A worm can infect and replicates itself similarly as a virus but the difference is a virus is designed for a purpose like to damage target's data but if we talk about worms, they only replicate and spread. But it the replication of worms is done on a large scale then it will diminish your PC performance and can damage the whole network. If we talk about viruses, they need human interaction for execution such as opening a malicious email attachment or downloading any fake software setup. But in the case of worms, they don't need any kind of human interaction. They travel at their own from machine to machine, replicate themselves and spread to a large number of devices which are connected to the network. Using Norton Internet Security Setup will secure your network and blocks worms from entering in your device. Usually, worms are not as much harmful like other malware such as Trojans, spyware, etc but IM worm kinds of worm then get you various issues. IM worm is a special kind of worm which it can compel the target's machine to send messages which contain worms to the contacts. If your friend told you he got a strange message from your side then there can be a huge chance of having a worm in your device.


Detecting worms without any special tool is very difficult because they usually run on background and do not have any specific feature. They just simply use your CPU cycles and replicates themselves. The basic sign of having a worm in performance and speed issue. If your device is infected with worms; your device will start working slowly. Your input devices like keyboard and mouse will respond later. Frequent cut-down of internet and drainage of computer resource. You may start getting unusual error messages. Your desktop or browser may look somewhat different or you may notice some unknown icons on your device.


Prevention measures for computer worms


Install antivirus which secures your internet

You should install good antivirus which can secure your internet because the network is the main gate for spreading worms. If you Activate Norton with Product Key then you have minimal chances of getting worms and any other kinds of malware in your device. Numerous tools of antivirus such as personal firewall, powerful scan, VPN, anti-spam, etc can provide a powerful shield against all kind of harmful threats.


Safe browsing practices

Usually, there is no human interaction on worm infection but there are also special kinds of worms which can be spread by malicious attachments and downloads. So, it's better to practice safe browsing for worms and all other malicious threats away from your device.


Update your device and software regularly

Updating your OS and all other software program is necessary for boosting their defense wall against all kind of malware.