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What to Consider When Choosing New Windows

Sep 05, 2019

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Although not a yearly project, and certainly not even every decade for some homes, window replacement is a significant home improvement project. From learning the signs that indicate that your windows need replacing to choose the best windows for your home and its style, there are plenty of factors to consider throughout the process - long before window installation. 

One of the first choices to make as you begin to shop for windows involves frame. There are six popular types of frames used for windows, with each having advantages and disadvantages - in cost, region, etc. Vinyl is one of the least expensive options, is practical and energy-efficient, but styles are limited. Wood is a popular choice, though not for humid areas, and can last for decades. For said humid regions, aluminum is best. Wood-clad and composite frames offer the benefits of wood frames but are relatively maintenance-free. Composite windows aren’t only made from wood, but can also be fiberglass.

After you’ve chosen a frame, choosing new windows gets more complicated. When it comes to glass, there are single, double, and triple-pane windows. Single pane windows indicate that there is one pane glass, while double indicates two, and this products more insulation and energy-efficiency. Double and triple-pane windows may cost more initially, but they cost less in the long-term in energy costs. Look for the term “u-value,” which measures a window’s resistance to heat loss. Also watch for the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, or SHGC, which measures the amount of heat to enter a home through the window. Both numbers should be low. Many homeowners choose energy-efficient windows or replace “good” windows to save money in the long-term.

While efficiency is key, window replacement may also be about creating a better image for selling their home or creating something new to make a change. The design of your home’s windows should positively impact its curb appeal. After design, installation begins and, of course, will take time. Make sure you are able to hire someone you trust for replacement windows Dallas to ensure quality material and installation.

It is often best to consult a professional when you are choosing new windows for your home. They may want to take a look at your current home and windows, understand what you are looking for as far as design, energy-efficiency, and budget, and can help this vision come true the first go-round.

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