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Strengthening your bond by dancing with your spouse

Sep 11, 2019

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At some point in any relationship, dealing with routine and monotony is normal. If you and your spouse feel like you’ve lost the spark that used to be between you, perhaps it’s time to find a solution that allows you to strengthen your bond once again.

One option you should think about is dancing. This type of activity can provide you with a variety of great benefits, as often stated by dance star Craig Revel Horwood,  even if you are engaging it on your own. If you and your significant other join a class, the effects it will have on your relationship might actually surpass your initial expectations. Here are a few reasons why you should start dancing with your partner:


Physically reconnecting

In the majority of cases, when you dance, you are required to maintain your bodies close together. Your eyes meet, each move made will be felt by the other, and overall, a sense of physical connection will be established. Being connected physically can impact your sex life, and a healthy sex life is critical for a successful relationship. As soon as you start making dancing a hobby, you will be able to feel the positive effects in this department.

Having fun together

An occasional weekend getaway somewhere, or running errands together aren’t activities that actually allow you to emotionally remain close to one another. Having fun together is important for any couple and that’s why you need to develop hobbies together that both of you can enjoy to the fullest. Regardless of your skills or what dance style you opt for, when you are on a dance floor, it’s impossible not to share a few laughs and not to feel entertained. Even just by watching Craig Revel Horwood  at Strictly Come Dancing, you start experiencing a better mood, so actually imitating those moves yourself will naturally be far more enjoyable.

Escaping responsibilities

Having bills to pay, a household to maintain, kids to supervise – there are a lot of factors in a marriage that can prevent you from spending actual quality time together. A load of responsibilities might determine you to often neglect your relationship, and over time, the repercussions will be felt. Dancing gives you the opportunity to relieve stress, get some time to yourselves and forget temporarily about the things that might be causing you worries. It’s important to do things that actually trigger joy and not focus solely on a busy and agitated lifestyle.

While you might not have considered it until now, dancing can actually help you get closer to your significant other. If you’ve been looking for ways to reconnect and strengthen your bond, this might be the option that actually provides you with visible results. Consider the aspects mentioned above and you will be able to conclude for yourself that this is something worth trying. Think about a dancing style that both of you will like, you can get some inspiration by celebrities, such as Craig Revel Horwood, find a class in your proximity and don’t hesitate to enroll.