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A Definitive Guide to Help You Choose Quality CBD Products

Sep 17, 2019

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Ever since CBD products were introduced, they gained immense popularity. The industry continues to thrive and currently there are a number of products available in the market. Consumers had only limited options few years back but today there exists hundreds of brands offering CBD products in an extensive array of flavors online.

Two prime factors to consider:

  • It is important to ensure that the plants used to make CBD products don’t absorb harmful chemicals present in soil and has the right amount of THC and cannabidiol.
  • When cannabis plants are grown under stressful weather conditions, they create more of THC which is responsible for the high feeling experienced when consuming marijuana.

Why to watch out for contaminants and THC levels?

Cannabis has the tendency absorb pesticides, harmful chemicals and heavy materials that could be present in the soil. To prevent the presence of contaminants, manufacturers producing quality CBD products, test their cannabis plants frequently.

When the THC level in the plant exceeds 0.3 it is considered as marijuana by the federal government and illegal. Cannabis containing 0.3 or less percent THC are considered legal and granted permission to be formulated into tinctures, oils, capsules and topicals.  

When deciding on starting CBD wellness products, confusion regarding which brand to choose arises. Opt for a reliable cbd store like JustCBD based in UK which offers effective and safe products. Their products work wonders in calming down your nerves.

Tips for shopping CBD products:

Ask yourself the reason you seek CBD and in which form: CBD is proved to be successful in treating two forms of epilepsy and believed to provide relief from anxiety and opioid addiction. Inhaling CBD products using vape pens and adding few drops of it under the tongue provides instant relief. The effects are felt only after 30 minutes when CBD is mixed in food products.

THC level: If you want to avoid feeling the high-head associated with THC, you have to be aware about the THC levels. The THC level is also an indicator of how effective the product is. There are researches suggesting that CBD is effective when combined with little doses of THC. 0.3 percent of THC is sufficient to enhance the therapeutic effect of CBD.

Avoid vaping products that contain propylene glycol: Though vape pens prove to be effective, some of the concentrated oils used may contain propylene glycol. At high temperatures, this solvent degrades into formaldehyde which causes irritability to the eyes and nose. Hence, opt for pens with solvent-free oils.

If the product is made from hemp, know about its origin:  Many CBD products are sourced by hemp instead of marijuana. Check the product’s label to see if the hemp was cultivated in Colorado as the state has a robust hemp program. If the hemp is cultivated overseas you may not have a clear picture of its testing methods.

Does the product mention the CBD amount used? Choose products that have mentioned the quantity of CBD used in its label. Some products don’t specifically display the CBD content and instead show the quantity of total cannabinoids used. Such products are to be avoided.

Make sure the product has satisfactory test reports. Educate yourself about CBD products before purchasing them to experience effective results.